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    Lost drive letters

    What would cause Windows ten to remove drive letters from my WD Black, 1tb Drives? I can still go to my bias and boot from them, but Macrium Reflect will not clone to them. My C: drive is an SSD. I use the WDs as part of my backup system. Thank you, Angster
  2. L

    Harddisk security wdc wd5000lpvt - 75g33lock

    Contraseña System disable
  3. R

    HDD not getting detected on usb 3

    WD elements 2 tb hdd not getting recognised to usb 3 but works normally on usb 2. Even the light is on but doe not blinks. Moreover other hdd gets connected and gets recognised to both the usb 2 and usb 3.
  4. I

    external hard disk corruption

    I have the WD My passport external hard disk 500GB Accidentally, it dropped off my desktop computer while on use and after I plugged it in back to the same or another USB port there seems to have no data. I can see the folders but they seem to be empty. Please, can you help me?
  5. Z

    Hard Drive 3FO error

    My laptop fell a couple days ago, and I've fiddled about to narrowing the problem down to it being the hard drive. My WD hard drive isn't being recognized. There's no clicking or beeping, just a faint spinning sound. Is there any way to Revive it, or am I to purchase another one?
  6. A

    We have a mitsubishi model wd-73734. It has a ton of white dots... what to i need to fix this myself

    I see similar post but want to make sure i get the right chip to fix it
  7. F

    Multiple hard drives not detected in Bios

    I have 3 hard drives from multiple manufacturers. 1 x 160GB Seagate 1 x 160GB Fujitsu 1 x WD Blue 500GB All are laptop HDD. The laptop had a dead drive that I tested with seatools and HD Tune pro, it failed both and was completely gone. The other 3 I tested with the same programs and all...
  8. D

    asus eeebook x205ta

    II am on holiday and brought a WD My passport ultra 0820 external drive and a 128 g. lexar memory stick and sandisk 16 g memory stick with backup data on them that I need to use. The Asus eebook now won't let me open them. It sees the drives, but there is a yellow explanation mark through...
  9. K

    Black dots have taken over my 60 in Mitsubishi tv

    Help I love my Mitsubishi 60 in tv model # WD-60738 I have had it for about 6 yrs and have only had one problem with it besides the one that started today I replaced the lamp about 4 months ago and today I turned on the tv and black dots started showing up more and more help can this be fixed...
  10. M

    How to reset my WD passport ultra. I forgot my password

    I forgot the password of my device and I need to use it. I don't mind erase everything inside. I have changed my computer so I don't know if I need to get any driver or that sort of things. I appreciate the help. Thanks guys!
  11. N

    iMac mid 2010, 2TB WD 5400rpm or 2TB Seagate 7200rpm? PSU temps. extra ram

    Hello i was wondering which HDD i should go for, the 2TB WD 5400rpm or 2TB Seagate 7200rpm? i know you guys would most likely say the seagate 7200rpm because of its higher rounds but theres a catch. the 2TB WD 5400rpm has a thermal connection which has two rows of 4 pins stack on each other...
  12. A

    sony vaio unable to install plain win7

    Hi, the original hard disk of my sony vaio vpceb1a4e has failed. I bought a WD blue 1TB, but when I try to install win 7 home premium x64 I get this error (I found the image online but the error is that one) Searching online I tried MBR and GPT partitions 'style' both..nothing works.
  13. K

    Double level encryption problems

    I have successfully been using 2 Ext hard drives 'WD my passport' with encryption and also on a different non encrypted drive been using truecrypt successfully to create an encrypted file volume. However, I have just tried to create a 2 level encryption by using veracrypt to create a file...
  14. M

    WD Backup failing to start

    When I try to start/open up the GUI for WD Backup software included with the WD 3TB external hard drives it tells me it stopped working Not sure how to go about repairing this any help is great Thanks
  15. A

    WD Smartware Pro vs Acronis True Image WD Edition?

    Forgive my ignorance but which one is better? I am hoping to have continuous back-up from my book duo to my book and a system image back-up on my passport if that makes a difference in software selection. Why does WD even offer both anyways?  I am running Windows 10.
  16. C

    hard drive issues

    I have a new WD Elelment hard drive full of good movies,it will play through the tv but they are confined to a smaller screen in the middle of our tv,i have a Muteki 7.2 stereo approx 2 years old,i plugged the usb port at the front of the system and tuned to usb the tv wont reconize a thing but...
  17. R

    How to recover data from corrupted WD external hardisk

    Hi... I have Western Digital Passport 1 TB external Hard disk. It has got corrupted. When I connect to my Window 7 machine, my external hard disk rotates but my machine does not recognize it.I have checked External hard disk with other working cable as well but still it is not working . I have...
  18. S

    USB 3.0 port on HP Laptop not exceeding 40 MBPS using WD My Passport USB 3.0 External HDD.

    Hello! I tested the internal HDD with CrystalDiskMark and was able to get 109 MBPS both on sequential read and write tests. Then, when I tested my 1 TB WD My Passport USB 3.0 External HDD with CrystalDiskMark the sequential read and write speed did not exceed 40 MBPS the few times I tried. Got...
  19. P

    Which hard disk hd to choose? 5400 rpm Blue WD vs 7200

    Hello, Could you please give me some advice on choosing my new hard drive? I'm choosing WD for it's reputation as a reliable hard drive manufacturer with a low doa and other failures rate. But in the last months the company merged the Blue and Green series into just one. The thing is that now...
  20. K

    my samsung tv wont play WD passport

    My new Samsung TV see the WD passport but says no files . but when I connect to me computer I have 8 movies on the passport, why and how do I watch the movies on my 4k TV?
  21. 7

    forgot password on my wd passport ultra

    hello i forgot password on my wd passport i have important files on this wd so icant format my wd serial number # WXQ1E94C29J5 please someone help to solve this promblem
  22. K

    Can i install popcorntime on my WD Elements Play?

    So, i have a 2tb WD Elements Play, i was wondering... can i make that thing like an Apple TV? Or with windows or something, i just want to be able to watch popcorntime on it. Is this possible? -Laurens
  23. B

    Custom built DVR?

    How does this sound as a build for a dvr?(I aplogize for not having all parts yet) Pentium g3258 Micro ATX motherboard(will update to model once chosen) 4-8gb ram (probaly 4 to start) PSU(have 300 watt unsure if it will fit or I will need a smaller one) 1-2 tb hdd. Either a wd or seagate(can't...
  24. M

    WD my passport ultra, was working fine, suddenly disappeared

    Hi, I have a WD my passport ultra, that has been working fine, suddenly in the middle of a file transfer it disappeared! and the blinking stopped, now the light is stable and on (all the time). when I open device manager, I find it and it says: device working properly. I changed the usb port, I...
  25. D

    Which hard disk i choose in western digital ?

    i want to buy a hard driver western digital i saw WD black ,green, Purple ?? which one is better in the order please and the use of each one ?
  26. A

    Backup software for laptop Matsumi hard drive

    Backup software for laptop Matsumi hard drive I tried western digital Acronis s/w but its not compatable with matsumi hard drive ive used wd acronis s/w in my desktop with success and fast, where as Microsoft backup failed. who manufacture matsumi drives?
  27. nVidea

    Best free and light antivurs for my laptop

    I recently bought WD 1TB Passport Ultra and I'm going to transfer all of my series, movies, anime and songs from my laptop to my Passport. To make sure I wont infect my newly bought Passport, which anti-virus should I download? Free version, I need light, doesnt have many pop-ups messages...
  28. A

    WD Elements won't show up

    hey guys i have the WD (1TB) external hard disk ,, when i first bought it it worked and everything was fine but now it doesn't show up on my computer list ,, it shows up on the device manager list but it doesn't else where ,, btw it works on my brothers laptop and there's nothing wrong with the...
  29. B

    WD Elements won't register on my computer

    I recently bought a WD Elements 1tb portable hard drive to back up my computer on. When I went to use it, it would not appear anywhere on my computer. The light on the hard drive came on but it is not in the device manager or anywhere as far as I can tell. I am using Windows 10 and I only...
  30. R

    Western Digital Backup Software vs Windows 10 Backup

    I recently purchased a Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2TB. I was wondering whether I should use the included software or use the backup options built in to Windows 10.
  31. B

    Acer Won't boot

    I have a Acer E1-531 laptop, It needed a screen replacement, so I took out the HDD (500G WD) to use on another laptop. I now got another screen and another same HDD (500G WD), I installed both on my Acer laptop. Now the problem is when I turn it on, the screen lights up (backlight) but just...
  32. B

    wd 73734 mitsubishi

    When power tv you can hear static no picture you can hear a series of clicks it does that a new times . Sometimes lamp has a red light ans time blinking then when start up just Solid green. I looked at the bulb area and you can see it trying to fire and light up
  33. M

    how do I get my WD Passport external HDD to be recognized by BIOS in Inspiron 15 3531 ?

    External HDD not recognized by BIOS, or Acronis. Only Windows
  34. S

    solve that problem

    guys! I hve Micromax A54 mobile. my mobile is getting switched off while I m charging and the battery will reduce automatically ,then I replace the battery nd charger both but the same problem is there in my mobile. After charging, when I remived the charger the mobile is again getting switched...
  35. K

    Can not see vids from my new ext HD on my older TV But I can with my older ext HD

    Good Day About 3 years ago I purchased an ext WD My Book 2tb HD. I put all my movies on it. I watched them on my Samsung flat screen LN52B750U flat screen. Now I thought it would be a good time to back the older ext HD with another. So I purchased another WD 2tb My Book. I put all of my movies...
  36. B

    My laptop wont find my AMD video card anymore

    I did buy a WD My Passport Ultra and when I installed the software I found on it I was asked to reset my laptop, after that my laptop did show an error that went something like *DPC Watchdog Violation* then my laptop did restart and worked properly. Later I noticed that Crysis 3 and sniper...
  37. S

    Gaming desktop in a Laptop.

    Hey, so I was wondering if it would be possible to make a costom gaming laptop but with high end desktop parts. The parts would be the Intel i7-4790k cpu, EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Ti graphics card, Western Digital Desktop Mainstream 1TB internal hard drive, 2 Western Digital Black 1TB SSD, and the...
  38. C

    External HDD still spins when laptop is on standby

    Hi. As the title says, my Western Digital Elements 2TB 3.0 USB drive doesn't power off when my laptop has the lid closed. I've notest that the drive has a standby option when it's not used, it just blink's every few seconds, but for some reason the drive wake up and stay active when I close...
  39. D

    Hard disk needed to replace my WD Scorpi Blue WD6400-bevt

    I have an asus k42ja-vx032d laptop with WD Scorpio Blue 640GB WD6400-bevt hard disk. The hard disk is damaged and want to replace it. I wanted to know if Seagate Momentus 500 GB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (ST500LT012) can be used in my laptop.
  40. H

    WD 1TB External HDD not working on USB 3.0, But works on USB 2.0

    As the title says, My WD 1TB External HDD is not working on USB 3 port, I mean the light is on I can feel it vibrate, But it isn't getting detected.. It was working fine a few days ago, Until there was a power surge and this problem started.. Since I had 2 USB 3.0 Ports, I plugged it in to the...
  41. J

    cloning and image restoration Q's using Acronis

    Bear with me, as I have a couple Q's that can be a bit complex. Easy part: I have a laptop WD drive that is starting to show signs of failure (Smart parameters warning, on some SMART versions, the 'Current Sector Pending Count' shows a red circle with a bar across it. The number of sectors...
  42. A

    Replacing standard SSD on XPS 13 non-touchscreen with WD Black Dual Drives (SSD + HDD)

    Hey, just wondering if I put the WD dual drive in and transfer all my stuff, will it actually be worth it in the long run? Will the WD dual drive work as well as the stock SSD? Especially with windows 10 on the way, I want to know if it is worth the switch. Thanks HH
  43. D

    NAS File Shredder? Is There One That Works?

    I hope this isn't a repost, I did search the forums and didn't see a match... I have a WD MyCloud NAS that I'm sending back to WD under warranty for a replacement. I have backed up my data from the NAS and now I want to shred the files. I've looked high and low, but almost all of the programs...
  44. T

    Media Streamer For External HDD AND Netflix?

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a media streamer device that allows connection to a external hard drive that can ALSO play Netflix. I know of only one media streamer that allows this and that is WD TV Live Media Player...
  45. S

    TV with no audio outs.

    Hi I have read alot of these fixes for similar problems but cant work out how to get audio out of a TV if there are no outputs when just watching free to air TV or my WD LIVE's HDMI signal. I just want to use headphones so I dont disturb people when watching both the TV and the WD ? I have a...
  46. C0MM4ND3r_CrUnCh

    WD Black2 in an Asus G46vw?

    HI, I recently purchased an Asus G46VW on Ebay for an amazing price. This is my second PC, and I'd like to replace the existing hard drive with a Western Digital Black2 Hard Drive/SSD. Will this fit ok in the laptop? I know that I will have to remove the keyboard for sure to install it, but...
  47. I

    Connecting WD Media Player to Projector and Sound

    Hi, I am connecting a WD Media Player (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705073.pdf) to an epson projector (Epson EH TW490 HD Video Projector). I'll be connecting the two devices via a HDMI cable. I want to use speakers for the sound, what do I connect the speakers to? The...
  48. B

    WD External HDD Slow Read but Write Fast

    I convert my internal WD hard drive from my old laptop to external hard drive. I already format it writing speed really good about 30MB/s but read really slow about 2MB/s and im using USB 3 on Macbook air 2013. Already try in my friends laptop but still read speed is really slow. I already try...
  49. J

    mitsubishi wd-60735 wont light up

    I have a mitsubishi wd-60735 I turn on it sounds like it is comeing on but the timer light blinks it sounds like it try's 3 times then the lamp light comes on red I took out the lamp and lamp is good
  50. D

    WD My book external reading as built in usb camera

    Hello please help asap. I have a western digital my book external usb hard drive that was accidentally unplugged from my Windows Toshiba satellite laptop, and when I replugged it in now it only reads and reinstalls itself as usb 2.0 uvc webcam. Can anyone help me to get it to read as an external...
  51. H

    Encrypt full external HDD or container or partition woith VeraCrypt

    I have purchased a WD Ultra 2Tb external HDD for backups. This has a single NTFS partitition. WD also gives it's own encryption software which I do not plan to use. I was already doing backups on another 500Gb HDD which was having a 200Gb encrypted TrueCrypt partition (apart from another 300Gb...
  52. D

    Need Help With Backing Up PC

    Newbie with backing up my PC. Never practiced it before, and just lost my first HDD and everything on it. Now I want to learn the best way of backing up. Basically I am on Windows so what is the best program to use? So with my budget the best I can do with my new HDDs is to get one 1TB WD Black...
  53. L

    why does my external HD not register on my tv

    after Reformatting my External WD HD from NTFS to exFAT and now it does not show up on my tv when i plug it in can anyone help with this please
  54. O

    Mitsubishi WD-82738 Blinking Green Light

    I have a Mitsubishi WD-82738 with the blinking green light of death as I have seen it called. I have replaced the Main Board 212A08301 and the Power Supply 212A08201 which has not solved the problem. Can anyone give me a solution to this problem? Thank You
  55. M

    not sure if this means I need a new bulb please help thank u

    color went out on my 60inch Mitsubishi electric model WD-60C10 does that mean I need to change the bulb? I can see the picture but it's snowy and black and white works fine other than its not in color does that mean I need a new bulb?
  56. C

    Subwoofer to PC Connect Help

    Hi Gents and Ladies I have a Subwoofer that Iam trying to connect to my PC with my Speakers aswelll just need help finding out what cables I would need to achieve this Subwoofer http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290034 Speakers...
  57. R

    Im Planning to buy a new Hard Disk for my Dell Inspiron Laptop ?

    I have come to conclusion that it will be Western Digital but im confused between these two. Can anyone tell me the difference between WD Blue and WD Scorpio Blue http://www.flipkart.com/wd-scorpio-blue-500-gb-laptop-internal-hard-drive-wd5000lpvt/p/itmdhvgzafmxbzk2...
  58. J

    Stream PC DVD to Smart TV similar to ROKU or WD devices

    Is there a SMART TV that allows for streaming from a PC saved DVD/VOB files via LAN or WiFi? Similar to WD and Roku devices?
  59. M

    New Hard Drive not found

    Hello guys, today i got my new WD 500gb wd5000bkpx(something like that) and i inserted in my laptop and wanted to install windows 8 from usb(i got an ultrabook, sleekbook) but nothing happend. It only appears that I have to install a Os and no Bootable device found, Hard disk (3fo). Can it be...
  60. S


    I use several computers with external hard disks. Using them has been and is without any problems (with operating systems Win 7, and one with Win XP). The newest computer, DELL M4800 (i7-4800MQ), 64-bit, with Win 7 Professional, makes an exception, and does not connect to the external hard disk...