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  1. ZenShredder

    HD Video Being Compressed & Causing Artifacts

    Hello, so recently I did a clean install on my laptop of Windows 8.1 onto a WD Black 2 drive. After finally getting everything set up and good to go, I've ran into a major issue that I've never had problems with and have no idea where to begin on fixing. Before I jump into this, here's my specs...
  2. G

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of the stock 320 gb hard drive for the sony vaio vgn-nw310f?

    My dad broke the screen and took it somewhere sketchy without informing me. I'm afraid they swapped it out for a non-working western digital scorpio blue and took the working hard drive to sell for extra money. (I always assumed Sony laptop hds were Toshiba or Hitachi) If it is WD, then I...
  3. S

    How to free upp more space on my hdd

    hello, i bought a ssd and im going to migrate windows 7 to it. The problem is that my hdd space is too big to be all migratet to the ssd. I removed soo much and it went to 287gb, then i removed some more and now its at 320gb?? I have samsung 840 pro 256gb, but i want to remove stuff from the...
  4. W

    toshib tecra 64bit

    l've installed a wd 320gig in my toshiba laptop the machine tellsme ihave an hdd error any cures? thanks
  5. M

    Broke my WD 500Gb Blue. HELP!

    Hi i know there are other threads like this but I feel this issue is a bit unique.. I dropped my laptop right on the corner where the HD is kept. It wouldn't boot up so I plugged the HD into my other pc to test it. The HD had 3 partitions on it - windows install (with all my pics) plus two...
  6. P

    WD-82837 has horizontal black bar in picture after replacing DMD chip.

    I just replaced the DMD chip in my DLP TV. It fixed the problem with the white spots, but now I have a solid black bar running (mostly) horizontally across the screen. It's a couple inches wide and runs across the entire screen. Obviously, something happened while I was replacing the DMD chip...
  7. 1

    mitsubishi dlp wd-73734 green timer light blinking and no picture

    just want to know if someone has had the same problem the tv powers up and I can here the fans running and on the back of the set I can see the lamp on but I have no picture or sound if anyone can help i would appreciate it just want to know what it could be so i can replace it thx joe
  8. C

    WD Caviar Green 1.0tb Sata 32mb Cache USB 2.0 usb not connecting

    Hi the usb connector port on my Western Digital 1tb external hard drive came loose so I took the casing off and tried to fix the usb connector, following instructions from forums. I connected it to my lap top and it powers up, the external hard drive powers up and spins but it will not show...
  9. C

    WD black-squared upgrade

    will a wd black squared fit in an acer aspire 5742
  10. N

    Windows wont detect my hard drive? or what?

    So my dad had this WDC cavier blue disk he gave me yesterday - 500GB, and he told me i only had to format it as Linux was on it, but there is a problem. My bios detecs it and my hard drive magement does to, but i can't format it, i can't click on the button saying format. And also, - My Computer...
  11. A

    laptop hard drive replacement

    I need to replace my laptop hard drive I have an acer travelmate 5742 and the current hard drive I have is a western digital serial ata 500GB. Is it possible to use a seagate portable hard drive as an internal hard drive? I do have one that is out of the casing. If not please provide me with...
  12. AquinoX

    Is this laptop & accessories good for gaming?

    First of I would like to say that I cant build a PC due to my room being cramped & my parents said no when i asked them. But they said i could buy a new laptop. My max budget is $750. Laptop: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834314535 Cooling pad...
  13. J

    mitsubishi tv model # wd 60c9 white spot remover

    How to fix/remove white spot on hdtv
  14. kkty5

    Battery Showing 0% and Charge Light not on

    Hey, I bought a lenovo y50 and I also bought a WD Dual drive. the 120gb ssd and 1tb hdd. I cloned my drive to the WD ssd and there were no problems on the cloning. I opening my computer, unplugged the battery and switched the drives. Plugged in the power and turned on. I got searching media...
  15. J

    Connecting PC to TV

    I had a WD LIVE box which has now stopped working, getting "no signal" when connecting to TV with HDMI. So not wanting to shell out for another yet, I decided to get a long HDMI and plug it in the back of the PC and plug it into the TV so I can watch downloaded movies on the TV still. Plays...
  16. S

    Mitsubishi DLP WD-60C9

    What causes the white dots appearing on the screen? Is it easy to repair, or do you have to have a tech do it? If so, how expensive is the repair? I have been dealing with Mitsubishi and I am very disappointed in their response and costumer service!!!
  17. J

    Hard Drive not Spinning, maybe a motor issue

    I have been researching my eyes out on recovering data from a failed hard drive. It is a Western Digital Scorpio 320GB. I have a USB to SATA cable that I use to hook up to the PC and Disk Management does not see to detect it. I can't hear anything spin up when plugged in. The only sound is a...
  18. S

    RazerBlade 2014 questions

    Can I buy the 128gb razer blade and just buy a 1tb wd passport to have all my games on instead of paying an extra 200 for an a 256gb ssd model? Does anyone know what kind of fps i would be looking at playing on 3200x1800 on the razer's 870m? Thanks
  19. B

    Connecting a USB HDD to the Xperia Tablet Z

    There is a possibility to connect a portable 2.5"HDD (WD Passport 160GB - no need external ac adapter) on this tablet? To another one (Asus M102A) it is normally. Or has Sony another reason? Thanks for any advice Peter
  20. A

    Unlock my WD 2 tera I know my daughters day of birth and when I click the hint it tells me daughters day of birth. I provide t

    Unable to unlock MY Passport Western Digital 2 Tera. I click on the link for hint it says to daughters day of birth...which I do Sunday and it comes back ..invalid. I tried everything nothing seems to work. Is there another way to unlock as I don't want to erase the information I have on the...
  21. timf79

    Harddrive causes various errors

    I have a Asus G73 in which I have been running a SSD and the stock WD 500GB HDD. Lately the WD has made some sounds (off/on switching) and the Intel rapid Storage Manager found and lost a device over and over. However the HDD was working. Today then the HDD did show up in the BIOS and shortly in...
  22. M

    picture is small

    The picture on my mitsubishi tv is only appearing in the left upper corner of the tv. It is a very small picture (but it is a normal picture) the rest of the tv is black. Everything seems to be working fine but I cannot get the entire tv to show a picture no matter what I change. It started last...
  23. B

    does anyone know how to play Movies on a Samsung Smart TV through an WD elements hardrive? Movies have been added from a Mac

    hello i have a WD 1tb Elemnts hardrive and i have had to configure the hardrive to be read on a mac - now that i have done that i am able to put my movies on their but i cant seem to be able to play them on my SAMSUNG Smart Tv..? does anyone know how to help please?
  24. T

    connect wd elements 500gb to dvd player usb

    I have a Panasonic s 48 dvd player, I also have a WD Elements 500gb hdd. When I try to connect the hdd to the dvd Usb port I have a message: nfts not supported. Do i have to change the format of the WD Elements hdd?
  25. Silibant

    ASUS Laptop Slow to Boot.. 5 Min before Usable!

    As the title says, I've got to wait 5 minutes before my CURRENT-GEN ASUS laptop will finish booting! This includes the "unusable" period right after boot. What can I do to fix this? Notes: Hard drive is a WD Scorpio Blue 500GB 5400 RPM HDD, it is set to boot 1st, I have disabled everything...
  26. K

    Partition in external drive?

    I have a 4-Tb WD "My Book" intended for external backup which I would like to use with a multiboot system which includes XP and Win 7. Will the XP back up to it, ignoring the unreachable space? Can I partition the unit to stay within XP addressing limits? Or am I limited to using it for...
  27. D

    wdc wd1600 bevt-22a23t0

    i have a problem here.. i like to ask how do i unlock the master password of my western digital hard drive this is my model: wdc wd1600 bevt-22a23t0 any way of unlocking it?? or is there a way?
  28. T

    white dots on Mitsubishi wd-73735

    Started 3weeks ago with 1 blinking dot and progressed to a whole spread of white dots all over the screen I have the 73" so its very disrupting to watching anything.. Please help!!
  29. Rangan Das

    Enhance Performace of a Windows 8.1 based PC.

    My system configuration is as follows: MB: Gigabyte 970A-DS3 CPU: AMD FX-8320 with stock cooler GPU: AMD Radeon HD7850 2GB DDR5 RAM: 8GB DDR3 HDD1: Seagate Barracuda 250GB 7200RPM (single partition with Windows 8 installed) HDD2: WD Green 2TB I need my PC for heavy designing using Adobe...
  30. S

    dell lattitude D 530

    Hard drive is defective. I have a new WD 2.5 " SATA Drive installed. 1 is this the right drive? 2 I cannot get the computer to acknowledge the drive using the Reinstallation disk with service pack 2 or 3 3 do I have to make an image of the old drive? How do I do that?
  31. B

    Need a backup software

    Hey all I have a WD Passport Ultra 2 TB, just got it the other day in fact. I'm using the included software right now, which is not all that great even for a noob like me. I've looked at a few free ones but most have some things I want then it doesn't have all that I'm looking for. Keep in...
  32. D

    WD 1TB My Passport (on windows) not working

    When i plug in my WD 1 TB My Passport into my computer (running Windows 7), i wait like a few secs until the pop up appears "auto play" then click "RUN WD Drive Unlock.exe", i enter my password in and everything freezes then it goes "WD Drive Unlock (not responding)" for a good minute and then i...
  33. R

    how to solve wd external hard disk problem

    Windows has detected a problem with my external hard disk, can you give me a solution to solve it and after scanning and repairing, its nothing happened. Thank you.
  34. R

    TV reads HDD very slow

    When i plug in my new HDD (WD My Pasport 2 TB, USB powered) to the tv (Samsung UE46f5005) the tv is taking ½-1 minute to read the content. Everytime i navigate to a new folder it takes ½-1 minutes Again. But when i plug in my old Lacie 500 GB external powered 3.5'' HDD, it reads much faster even...
  35. H

    WD myPassport Essential inaccessible after Laptop Hibernate

    my external hard disk of make 'WD MyPassport Essential" has got locked after left connected it on the laptop (Windows 8) without safely removing the hard disk and then hibernating the laptop. After that, when I powered on my laptop, only VCD is visible in My Computer and I am getting password...
  36. S

    Mitsubishi WD-52627 Remote Code

    I've got a Mitsubishi WD-52627 projection tv but no remote. I have a universal remote but I can't find the code for this tv anywhere. If anyone happens to know the code it'd be very helpful.
  37. A

    Mitsubishi WD 65738 -Dark Color

    Color has suddenly become very dark. I have adjusted the color every which way I know, even researched online recommended settings and changed the settings multiple ways under Video option. Nothing seems to work in brightening the color. When I update "Video" options it does improve but...
  38. R

    hard drive won't work on tv

    I have a 2tb WD hard drive(with movies) when i first plug it into the tv through wd live tv box INTO USB(or directly to usb) it reads it but after i turn it off it will not read it the second time and the tv says "PROBLEM WITH USB CHECK USB" anyone have any idea why this happens? I have a LG...
  39. S

    blinking green light changed bulb help!!!!!

    no pic on wd 65738 it keeps cutting off changed bulb
  40. W

    help with PowerChute APC software

    I just built a new system with the specs i7 4770K asus z87-k 8GB GSkill Ripjaws 1600Mhz Samsung SSD 120GB WD Black 1TB Corsair 750TX PSU Windows 8 64bit and when I plugged my ES 750 into it, and installed the PowerChute software, I bring up the Current Status, load on battery is only showing...
  41. C

    Portable computing - where to put programs

    Hi all, I travel around quite a lot in business and need to have all my data available when I get to the various locations (computers / laptops with various OS's are already in the locations). I have a wd passport hd which I would like to use somehow, so I assume that I would need to install all...
  42. E

    Asus G71GX HD Upgrade

    Will this drive, Western Digital WD10JPVT, work in Asus G71GX Laptop as a hard drive upgrade? This height is different , coming in at 1TB of space in a 2.5” drive and is only 9.5mm thin.
  43. P

    Laptop Hardware Upgrade. Worth it?

    I currently have a Lenovo Y560 laptop. The specs are: Windows 7 64 bit Core i7 Q720 @ 1.60GHz 4GB RAM 500GB SATA 3.0GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue 5400RPM AMD Radeon HD 6570M/5700 1GB I was just wondering if I upgrade the RAM and HDD if there would be any noticeable performance gain? I do...
  44. K

    laptop is not running

    few days back my seagate hdd is crashed(i thought), so i brought a ne WD hdd. For 15 days it responded cooly but now laptop is not responding though the power and hdd light is beeping.my older hdd runs now but not the new one. the new WD hdd can be detected with using a external adapter. i dont...
  45. A

    expanding HD storage

    I have a Verizon STB QIP 7232 The DVR only 500GB I want to add 2TB external hard drive Verizon STB Motorola QIP 7216 Motorola QIP 7232 Cisco CHS 435 HDC I have a QIP 7232 STB question #1 end an external box for hard drive. Requires a ESATA out put to ESATA DVR input What Box would be...
  46. B

    Western digital pasport needs no password to log in

    Hello, why do I need no password to "unlock" my western digital 500 gb "my passpot" external drive. This is only on one of my computers. any other computer requires the password??? I plug in the external drive and the "unlock" menu pops up. If I just hit "unlock" with no password it unlocks...
  47. F

    Acronic True Image Home 2012 doesn't allow me to select destination

    I have a WD sata 750 GB drive and a WD sata 320 drive for my laptop. I want to clone the 320 onto the 750. I am using an esata cable and dock. I have tried putting the 750 in the dock and 320 in the laptop as well as putting the 320 in the dock and the 750 in the laptop. Either way ATIH2012...
  48. A

    Corruption of Video & Audio on DVR Expander Playback

    Hello, I just installed the Comcast-recommended Western Digital 1TB DVR My Book Expander with my Scientific Atlanta 8300HD cable box. Programs do record, however, when playing them back I get video disruptions (pixels messed up) and audio drop outs perhaps twice or more each minute the playback...
  49. 1

    Mitsubishi projection tv wd-60638 white color has pink hue

    60" rear projection, large white area of color shows a pink hue creep over. Blue becomes fluorescent blue/white.
  50. S

    WD 500gb ext hd usb3 compatable/no software

    I have brought a preownend wd 500 gb passport ext h-drive. It has been wiped completely, it's usb 3 compatable. Where can i get the original software that was installed, to make it work as originally intended. plus the original partion structure. many thanks.
  51. J

    How many MM is the HD bays in an M17x R4 ?

    I just ordered an m17x R4 and it comes standard with 2x 500gb 7200rpm drives in raid 0. I wanted to pull those out and go with this config: Drive "0" (boot: Windows/Apps): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147138 Drive 1 (Storage)...
  52. C

    Free online tv tech support

    I have a Mitsubishi WD-73732, and I believe that I need a new lamp. The TV will turn on and after about a minute it will shut itself off, and the red light on the TV for the lamp comes on. This TV is about 5 1/2 years old and we have had the lamp replaced before while it was still under...
  53. P

    Mitsubishi Old TV Models

    i am trying to determine how much I paid for a Mitsubishi 82 in (WD-82837) two years ago when I purchased it. Need it for insurance reasons and would like MSRP. Thanks!
  54. O

    White spots on my mitsubishi projection tv model WD 65735

    Why do i have white spots on my Mitsubishi DLP TV Model WD 65735, and what part do i need so i can fix it? How much would the part cost and where could i get one?
  55. M

    Mitsubishi tv doesnt come on

    i have a 73 inch mitsubishi model number wd-73733 and the tv was playing ,now it does not> there is a orange yellow light that comes on when i cut on tv that constantly blink> Could it be the bulb?
  56. javoec

    Toshiba L635-SP3003L doesn't recognize HDD WD Scorpio Blue WD5000BPVT

    Hi everyone. I'm having problems installing a new SATA HDD in a Toshiba Laptop, the Windows 7 DVD installer recognizes a 0 GB drive. This is what I have: - Toshiba Satellite L635-SP3003L - BIOS InsydeH2O v2.4, EC v1.8, Rev. 3.5 (updated) - Western Digital WD5000BPVT-24HXZ 500GB SATA HDD (25 FEB...
  57. L

    Mitsubishi wd 52525

    the time is blinking green, but the tv won't turn on. i have unplugged it and plugged it back in. i have used the tv reset what esle can i try?
  58. S

    Data recovery from 3TB hard drive

    Hiya, Does anyone know of a data recovery program that WILL definitely work with a WD 3TB hard drive? Several claim to but then only recognise it as 746GB or similar (I've tried so many now i cant remember all the names) EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard definitely does not. I'm in contact with Get...
  59. D

    Best application to back up external hard drive to a redundancy drive?

    I use an SSD as just for my operating system and my programs and i use a western digital external hard drive to store my ever growing music and movie collection as well as some important documents. Well i have a second drive that i want to use as a redundancy drive which i want to be able to use...
  60. M

    Western digital hard drive in device manager

    Hello, My WD essential hard drive has been asking for the unlock password and says that it needs the password to unlock the hard drive. I have never set up any username/password for my hard drive and now I cannot access it. Please help!!!