WD Elements won't show up

Alpha one

Oct 9, 2013
hey guys i have the WD (1TB) external hard disk ,, when i first bought it it worked and everything was fine but now it doesn't show up on my computer list ,, it shows up on the device manager list but it doesn't else where ,, btw it works on my brothers laptop and there's nothing wrong with the USB plug too so what should i do !!

Try changing the Autoplay setting of your laptop.
- Click Start then click on Control Panel and look for Autoplay or search for it on the Search box on the top right corner.
- Once in Autoplay look for your WD Element and select from the options what do you want it to do when you plug it in
- Select Ask me Everytime and test if it would show up when you unplug and plug it back in your laptop.
- Lastly is to perform a System Restore and select a date and time before the problem happened. It could be a software or an update that cause this issue.