Dropped my phone in water and it is still working


Jan 5, 2017
I dropped my iPhone SE (fully submerged) in water for about 10 seconds 8 hours ago and it still works. My camera, speakers and headphone jack are still working. When I removed the sim card slot from my phone it was dry, and my sim card is working as well.

One thing that I did wrong was not turning off the phone immediately after it was submerged, and now I'm afraid to turn it off should it not turn on later.

Right now I am travelling in the outskirts of Malaysia and have no access to silica gel or rice to dry out my phone internally.

Since it has been working fine for the past 8 hours, is it safe to assume that my phone will be fine?

I will not be charging my phone until 24 hours later just in case, but right now any thoughts and advice are appreciated.

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