Question DVD to TV or Receiver

Aug 21, 2019
First time posting, please forgive any faux pas.

My setup:
Yamaha RX-V479 (with ARC port)
TCL 55' series 6 roku TV
Panasonic Blue Ray player
5 piece monoprice speakers

I understand that I can either connect my DVD player directly to my TV, or I can connect it through my receiver. My question is simply, which method is preferred? Or does it not matter?

Dec 14, 2019
I have a TCL Roku TV and I see no buttons on the TV to recognize the DVD player. The red cord is connected to both, the yellow cord is connected to video out on both, and the white cord is connected to audio out on both. The DVD player is on. How do I get a command to watch the DVD player?
You need to select the AV or composite video input on the TV. It should be on the TV home page. You may even see the output of the player on the screen button you need to select.
If you can connect the DVD player with HDMI or component video/audio it will give you a much better picture.
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