DVD won't play in player

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Franklin Phil

Apr 26, 2014
ok 'sigh' I am a die hard Seahawks fan. (Now watch. The most qualified help is a Bronco and will refuse to help lol) I found a guy selling copies of the Super Bowl on DVD that he recorded from the Fox broadcast. When I received these discs they won't play on my DVD player but WILL play on my computer. Ugh! In a flash of smoldering brain functionality I remembered many years ago learning that DVD players have a way of determining if a DVD possess copyright restricted material. Seems ridiculous that this is even a copyright violation in 2014. I could have DVR'd the game and watched it every day for the rest of my life. Furthermore, the DVD I bought has all the ads. --end rant--

Question is, can I disable this copyright gizmo in my player or will the DVD police come crashing through my door? Is there any way at all to make the two DVD set I bought of Super Bowl play in my Phillips DVD player (these specific 2 discs). Am I completely wrong about why they don't play? My DVD plays all DVDs recordable and otherwise.


Sep 14, 2012
You cant disable the copy right protection in the dvd player but the most likely cause of why the copied dvds wont play is the way they are encoded and burnt onto the DVD. Also depends on what DVD is being used, DVD-r and +r. Some players will only read 1 or the other (most can read both). If its copy right protection kicking in then the DVD will play but after a short time (5mins or less) you will get a message displaying that the media is copyright protected.


my guess would also be that this isnt a copyright issue causing it not to play but as zink stated... it likely was not recorded in a way that your dvd player can play (they tend to be very picky) but is recorded in a way that your pc can play (which tends to play just about anything)

there isnt much you can do short of re-writing it to another disk and making sure its encoded right for dvd players.
Since an illegal bootleg DVD is not going to have copyguard on it I would guess that the disc simply contains a video file that your PC can play but your DVD cannot. You can see what kind of file it is by looking at it in explorer (for PC) or finder (for Mac). You can then burn a real video DVD using freeware like this:
or any number of other programs like Nero.
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