Electrical noise from inside PC?

Quadruple Q

Sep 6, 2016
I recently purchased a MSI GT62, It's one of the new laptops released recently featuring the new Pascal graphics cards.

It has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
Intel i7 6700HQ @2.6Ghz
16GB of ram

The main issue with it as of now is a quite but audible buzzing when no sound is present. I assume it started right when I bought it ( bought PC 1.5 weeks ago) but I did not notice the buzzing until Yesterday. I think the buzzing has to do with the battery because the rhythm of the buzzing changes when the PC is plugged in and when it isn't. Is this something I should be concerned about?

If anyone had a similar issue please let me know if this affects the PC in the long run, thank you.
Is it buzzing all the time, or only when the charger cord is plugged in? Also, if only when plugged in, is the buzzing coming from inside the laptop, or from the charging cord?

Depending on the actual sound, it may well be completely normal for that device. However, that said, since it is a very new laptop, I would really consider contacting the place purchased from, or the manufacturer, if you are worried about it.