Solved! Electrical noise from studio monitors (no cables connected, only power supply)

Oct 5, 2020
I'm currently having an issue with my Yamaha HS7 studio monitors. I've recently moved house and have got set up in my new room. Within a week or two of using my studio monitors in this room, they have begun to pick up electrical noise + interference. I've had this problem before but it's usually to do with having unbalanced cables or a power source/connection problem. But this time they are simply picking up noise without any cables other than the power cables connected. What's more, it only picks up the interference in my room, leading me to believe it may be some sort of issue with the mains or something like a utility pole outside the house. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with this/any tips about how to minimise external interference with studio monitors and the like. Or perhaps I just need some new ones...haven't had them very long though.