Email Spam from Fed Ex, DHL, UPS and IRS "Virus"


Feb 3, 2011
Hey guys i keep getting email from Fed Ex, DHL, UPS and the IRS...Fed Ex, DHL and UPS keep sending me spam emails saying that "The Parcel has been sent to yout address and will be there in 3 days" when i never even ordered anything...The 1st time i opened it and this is with a brand new computer a week old i got a virus from opening it...The wierd thing is that it looks just like it came from Fedex or UPS...Like literally it would say or something...Just today i got a email from the IRS saying they recieved my taxes but they weren't able to process it but the funny thing i didn't even work last year or even claimed unemployment...Anyone else getting the same kind of email? If so please don't open it!...It really looks like its coming from Fed Ex or UPS or even the IRS...