Enable 5.1 sound from both headphones and speakers


May 19, 2012
Hi all,
I'm running windows 7 pro with an onboard audio card from an ASUS EVGA (132-CK-NF78). I am using a RealTek audio manager software (all drivers are up to date, etc).

The issue that I am having is in regard to my headphones and 5.1 surround sound. I can get 5.1 sound to come out of all 5 speakers but if I plug in the headphones, all the sound transfers to the headphones and the speakers go silent (the speakers are plugged into the back and the headphones are in the front jack).

I was able to get around this problem by clicking the "Disable front jack detection" button in the RealTek Audio manager software. But, when I select this, the headphones only play sound from the two front speakers so when I play any games any sound that is coming from the center speaker won't be heard in the headphones.

If I disable this feature then only sound will come from one channel (headphones OR speakers) but it will resolve the issue where sound only comes from certain sources. Ultimately, I want 5.1 sound to be able to come from both my headphones AND speakers. As of right now, I can get:

1) 2-speaker sound from my headphones AND 5.1 sound from my speakers at the same time...
2) 5.1 from either the speakers or headphones if I disable the "disable front panel jack detection" button.

I need 5.1 sound to be able to come from both sound sources so I don't have to go into the software every time I want to launch a game so I can hear all of the sound.

Any help is appreciated!
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