Evo Shift vs Evo 3D


Mar 12, 2011
I'm not sure if I should get a Shift now or wait for the 3D. Usually I would prefer the full touchscreen, however, I was recently able to use the physical keyboard on a phone and I really liked it. It was a fresh changed from full touchscreen. I also enjoy really fast speeds and the Shift seems to win every time against the Evo 4g, though that's probably not the case with the Evo 3D. The only down side of the Evo Shift is the screen. I enjoy watching movies, youtube, or just anything when on the go and the screen is a little to small. I watch videos on my iTouch, but the screen on the Shift doesn't seem as wide.

The 3D isn't what's drawing me in, it's the specs. The specs are a huge leap from the Evo 4g. The 3D capabilities are probably going to be limited as well. Pictures, videos, and possibly a few games seems like the most it could do. I have used the 3DS and I was definitely let down. I have also considered the Epic 4g, but I have ruled that one out just by personal preference. Should I wait or get the Shift?
its a matter of personal opinion really..

if the shift performs well and you like it then perhaps you should buy it now. if you find the specs lacking and would really want a more powerful phone then you might want to wait.

keep in mind that since technology is always improving there is always something better. after getting my incredible a few months ago now i'm hearing word of a new snapdragon cpu with 75% power savings. go figure. just the way things are, do whatever makes you happy.