Experience lags with 60fps videos


Apr 18, 2016
Laptop: ASUS K501LB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce 940M
I can reach 300-400fps on some games (720p) and 60-120fps average on every game (also 720p) but I can't even watch a 60fps 720p clip. Watching it on youtube is fine so my current workaround is uploading the clips to youtube to watch. But it is a tedious task and takes a lot of time. Any solution?

I am guessing these clips are ones you recorded yourself, if that's the case you need to fist make sure they are recorded properly and don't skip. Which means testing on another system. Did you at least try a different video player? VLC is usually pretty good and handling media even that with issues. I've seen it play a half-downloaded video file, just with a bit of glitching.

Did you try VLC media player? Or another computer? Need to rule out your system as the issue, although it's probably either the player or the video itself.