external monitor on lenovo G575 not working because of AMD Radeon HD 6310M version 8.862.6.1000 driver


Jan 13, 2015
My external monitor only works in safe mode. It works in normal mode as well but keeps disconnecting every 2-3 seconds and i get a no signal message. I went into safe mode and uninstalled the driver then restarted the laptop, the driver installed itself and i just disabled it and did not restart my laptop again just in case. The laptop monitor is broken so i completely rely on my external one. Now, it does work in normal mode as well but there are some things that do not look right, i can not really play some games and obviously the resolution is all messed up. I was hoping someone could help me do something about the driver, like get an older version or install another one. I am not too sure as to what needs or can be done which is why I am asking. Thank you