External Sound Card to TV connection.


Dec 15, 2013
Hey, so basically I have a set of Creative 5.1 Surround Speakers with three 3.5 mm jacks. I want to use them with my TV and at the moment I have them connected to it using the Headphone output of my TV connected though a 3-way splitter. Thing is, the impression I'm getting it that the sound quality would be much better if I ran the three 3.5 mm jacks of the speakers through an external sound card but all these require a USB connection to a computer. I was wondering if it is possible to simply hook up the USB cable to an electrical outlet via an adapter and then connect the speakers and sound card to my TV using a digital optical audio cable.


Jul 6, 2014
Hello all, been following this link but not sure it is what IO need...


I have a new m series vizio TV, and I am trying to run the sound to a 5.1 computer speaker system without using a computer. That little box sounds like it would work but I am not sure how the connections would play out...

Optical out from TV to optical in on external sound card, then:

Could i convert the RCA Subwoofer out to a 1/8 plug and run that into the black input on the speaker main box? How would I condense the front left and right speakers and the rear left and right speakers to a single green 1/8 and a single orange 1/8?

Thanks for your help.

quotemsg=12199001,0,185706]You cannot hook an external usb sound card to a TV. The USB is not enabled to do this.
If you want to use the speakers with your TV the only way to do this is with one of these
You would also need the correct cables with RCA plugs at one end and stereo mini plugs on the other end.[/quotemsg]

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