Extract contents of a .EXE installer?

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Oct 11, 2010
I need to extract the contents of this .exe installer:


(it's an app for a chip programmer (PLDs, MCUs, EPROMs, Flash, etc)).

I need to do this in order to install it under Windows 7 64-bit - if I run the above .exe it simply reports that it can only be used under x86 operating systems (32-bit). This is due to it's main parallel port driver only being 32-bit compatible, but that's not a problem as I have a replacement for that ..... if only I could install the software. But to install the software I need to be able to extract the files first and run setup (or whatever it has) in compatibility mode.

Any ideas please?
On a 32-bit Windows: Clean contents of your TEMP folder (use Windows' Disk Cleanup for that), then start the installation, but don't proceed.. The installer will unpack itself somewhere in the TEMP folder, where you can copy it from.

But I doubt that you will be able to use your LPT programmer that way. Direct access to hardware under Windows is done thru device driver, and this package most probably does not contain 64-bit drivers.
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