Question Factory Reset for the LG Aristo PLUS


Oct 5, 2007
See a posting of an LG Aristo 2 Plus phone. Owner states that it is new. Concerned about the factory reset thing. Why would'nt the current owner do the factory reset... then offer it on line. What is it I don't know about this circumstance? Informed guidance sought
I am a tad confused by what you are asking so let me see if I understand.

You are looking at a post (somewhere) about a person selling a phone that they claim is new but that they won't reset?

If that is the case I would start to wonder if it is actually new, and if it is actually theirs and not something they found or stole. If that is the case, them resetting it (either version listed below) would make it unusable to anyone but the actual real owner.

There are two types of resets. What most people call a "Factory Reset" is the one most will use with option to keep their personal stuff on the device. This particular reset option is not the best as it really won't fix much. Then there is the full "Hard Reset" which completely wipes the device and sets it back to its original status (before ever used). That one is best when having serious software issues, viruses, malware, etc.

I suggest, if this is a device you are looking to get, that you look elsewhere for a phone.
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