Faulty 3.5mm Jack female, any fix? Detailed issue


Jan 31, 2014
My headset is a single jack (with 3 black strips) and I got a cheap splitter to use the mic and speakers of the headset at once on PC.

It works great but my headset either slides out or it is being slightly tugged now and then pulling it out, this makes the audio go from perfect to barely heard with half of the sound gone, the desktop sound also runs into the mic audio when that happens.

This only happens when the cable isn't in tight enough, is there a more solid way to hold it in? or do i need to cut the wires and join them together into one cable? (I am not a cable guy, I have no idea what i am saying tbh)

Here are some pictures of the setup for reference.

Edit: it put this in systems, not sure about that being right for me (and this post)
Not sure what you are explaining here, are you saying the connection to the adapter you got is loose? Try a different brand of adapter. Or use some electrical tape or a dab of glue to hold them together.