Few concerns before buying Android


Oct 7, 2013
Hey all.

First of all, I'd like to say I'm relatively OS independent. I like to use what's the best OS at that time. This will be my first tablet, and I intend to use it to.

  • work on documents.
    read papers.
    read comics.
    read the news.
I was looking at the samsung galaxy tab s 8.4. Though I have concerns about android itself.

1. Malware? So I hear this is become a prevalent topic in the android world. My concern is less about needing it but more about the degree of resources required to run such anti-malware apps?

2. buggy? Is android relatively bug free? Sometimes I notice it isnt as smooth, as for say an Ipad.

3. Does must I wait for samsung to release their version of lollipop when it comes out?

Any thoughts?

My alternative is waiting for the next ipad in september or october.


The answers are below in the order you have mentioned:

1. Malware will only come if you visit a site or app that is not from google play. Otherwise you shouldn't get malware.
2. The experience of android will vary depending on the manufacture's skin. Samsung uses touchwiz which is ok but can be buggy when you navigate through the magazine UI but these are very rare. I would say go and look at some reviews and go and try it for yourself.
3. I personally would wait as samsung may announce new tablets at IFA.
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