Forgot a name of an old android game

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Aug 15, 2017
I played this game on samsung galaxy mini it was 2d the graphics were pixelated and it was a military shooter i remember in the free version of the game you had one level and you had to kill everyone there were turrets and vehicles and you were able to find a vehicle that you could drive and shoot i think the full version had a snow map of some kind if someone finds this game i would be really really happy since it was the best game i have played

Math Geek

you can look through your account in google play store app. this will show everything you have had installed through that account. if you have not cleared it out, then it'll have the game in your list. only need to skim through it until you find it.

top left of google play app has hamburger menu. "my apps and games" shows a list of what is installed now and library tab has a list of everything you have installed at one time or another.

of course if you're not using the same google account, then this won't work
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