FPS drop when playing games

Rizki Nursanto

May 15, 2015
a week ago my laptop started to lag when i play games,and i fixed it with anti-virus,then it become normal,but in the following day my laptop started to lag again when i play games,when on game loading the fps is about 40-55 but after the game start it become 5-11 and become lag,can anyone solve this?

Thankyou,sorry for bad english

Bengal Tiger

May 15, 2015
How old is your lap and you used to play same game without this problem before? Did you download something that runs on the backround and at the same time you try to play? AntiVirus is not the solution FPS goes for frame per second and it shows the laptop performance not the connection,if ping grows big and fps remain the same then is your connection Have you tested by lowering graphics?

Rizki Nursanto

May 15, 2015

i bought my laptop 3 months ago,and i used to play same game for about 2 months with no problem,i dont really remeber what application did i installed recently.now other game also become lag but not too lag.
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