from c band to 4dtv ontario


Jan 17, 2006
I need some help to decide which way to go .I have been watching c band for the last 10 yrs but channels are falling away.My distributor is suggesting i go to the 4dtv motorola 922 receiver ,but i have been told its slow to update the menu,also being a chapperal 90 owner does the 4dtv reciever have a timer function to change channels for recording .
Is this the same watching as in direct tv.Will this system stick around for awhile and are all the movie networks on 4dtv or does it matter as the reciver picks up both


Jan 25, 2005
Finally got into this forum, have to use firefox, explorer dont work?

computeman the 4dtv is a great unit, the 922 is the best unit to get, here is a site that has the features: (click dsr 922 on the left)

"Is this the same watching as in direct tv"

Not really small dish gets there programming from C-band big dish then they recompress the signal and reuplink it, this leads to the crappy picture and sound quality people get with pizza dish, your big dish gets mostly the raw master broadcast feed that blows away pizza dish and cabe with quality and cost, you can also slave a fta unit to your 4dtv easy to enjoy many free channels like so:

If you are in Canada like myself, I get most of my satellite stuff from:

Good Luck!