Front ported or back ported front speakers for bedroom?


Dec 23, 2014
Hello, I have an amplifier with 2 fronts (back ported), 2 rears, a center and a subwoofer connected to my PC and PS3. Now, I have a bigger extra pair of front speakers with front ported.

My original front speakers are JBL 9x9x16 inches back ported, and this extra pair are KLH 9x14x29 inches front ported. My room is about 11x13 feet.

I'm not that good with speakers, so can anyone please help me choose between these 2 pairs? Also, can you explain a bit about the pros and cons of front ported and back ported? Thank you.
Can't be specific without model numbers. Both brands go back a long way. Both speakers will have their good and bad points. Add to that personal taste and room conditions the only way to decide is to try them and see which pair you like.
You don't need to focus on the port location to decide. The port uses the backward motion of the woofer to augment the bass and make the speaker more efficient. A front port will be less affected by the proximity of the wall behind the speaker than rear port.
If you like one of them but are getting too much bass you can plug the port with some dense foam (or a sock) or move the speaker away from the wall of floor.
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