FS: Studio closing.


Apr 3, 2004
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1965 Standell Super Imperial 15 Amplifier. This is the first transistor amp
that started the revolution. Features 100 watts of power. Reverb and Tremolo
plus separate treble and bass controls on the primary channel. The secondary
channel has treble and bass and a presence control. The amp has two 15" JBL
D-130 speakers. It also has the original cover. As you can clearly see the
amp in excellent condition considering it's 40 years old. I am the original
owner and have stored it for the last 35 years. Asking price $700

1966 Gibson Hawk Amplifier. Features 85 watts of tube power Reverb and
Tremolo plus separate treble and bass controls on the both channels.It has
one 15" Jensen speaker and it is in fine working order. This amp has been
in a closet for 35 years. It is cosmetically in excellent condition.
Everything works. Asking price $500 plus shipping

1957 Gibson Gibsonette tremolo amplifier. Features 15 watts of tube fire
power (with some extra tubes). It has Tremolo plus separate treble and bass
controls. What's to say this amp survived the 60's but doesn't remember much
of it. It still works and when turned up full, distorts nicely. Asking
price $300 plus shipping

1974 URIE 27 band 1/3 octave EQ. Clean and still working fine. Asking price
$300 plus shipping

Tascam M3700 32 channel Automated Mixing console with meter bridge, separate
power supply, all original manuals and stand. This board has a 340 point TT
patch bay plus a 28 point 1/4" interface and complete wiring loom that was
custom made for this consol. It is ready to plug in and get busy. It can be
up and running in less than two hours. I will include the TT patch cables.
It deliveres clean audio and has been in my smoke free professional studio
since I bought it in 1991. Asking price $4500 plus shipping.

Tascam 6010 stereo reel to reel recorder. This machine can record and
playback at 3 3/4, 7 1/2, and 15 ips. This vintage machine has been well
maintained and is in good working order.All manuals and a service manual are
included. Asking price $175.

Tascam A7300 2 track reel to reel Mastering tape recorder. Using 10 1/2 "
reels this machine is in good working order. It has been kept in a smoke
free studio environment . All manuals plus a service manual are
included.Asking price $200

JBL 4313 Studio monitors. The standard of the industry for many years, these
speakers are a three way system. Includes front cover and features that JBL
sound that doesn't color the ardio. Asking price $300 per pair

JBL 4301 Studio monitors are a two way system that delivers the JBL sound
with rich lower end. Asking price $200


Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?)

"Robin" <julirobin@comcast.net> wrote in news:Q7adnXf5T-NeOXfcRVn-

> 916-921-1515

A quick Google search informs us that the studio is in Sacramento, CA.
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