FS Teac/Tascam Mixer parts 2, 3, 5, expander, 106, 208, more



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FS Teac/Tascam Mixer parts 2, 3, 5, expander, 106, 208, more
Model 2, 3, 5, 5 expander
M106, M208, 1614 16x4 model

most knobs, pots, faders, meters, power supplies, faceplates, sides, etc



Hi, I have a Tascam M-520 mixer and I need 3 of the orange cops that cover the EQ knobs. If you happen to have these for sale I would like to buy them. Please contact me at; jimbrr@yahoo.com Thank You.


Feb 5, 2010
Hello, I saw your post about having parts for the TEAC Model 5 and the 5EX.
Do you still have those by chance?
I need some Green,Red and White Color Coded Knobs.
I would also need some extra Faders.
Do you have the Side Wood Panels?

I also would like to know if you have the 5EX still?
I am very interested in this.
Is it the Model 5,5A, or the 5B Expander Unit?
Basically, does it have all Black Knobs or does it have Colored Knobs?
How much is your cost for the Knobs, Faders, the Modle 5EX and the
Wood Panels if you have them?
How much are they individually?
I am VERY interested in this ad and I have Money to spend for what you have listed.
I'd appreciate it very much if you contacted me
My e-mail is: thorrock1981@yahoo.com

Thank you very much,
Thomas Horrock