Full path name of external SD card needed

Feb 17, 2018
How do you find out what the full path name of external SD card is on a Samsung A3 2017 phone. I have a mapping app (Maverick) which needs this information to store downloaded maps on the card. Thanks
You can try locating the file manager app on the device. If it doesn't have one you can download one from Google Play. However that doesn't mean it will always give the full path. Some don't.

Or you could connect the phone to a computer via USB cord and then access the phones storage via a folder on the computer. This would allow you to access the full location path.
Feb 17, 2018
Thanks. I tried connecting to computer but got "This PC\Galaxy A3 (2017)\Phone" as the path which wasn't what I needed.
A File Manager app gave me " storage/3EB5-F063" which I thought would work but didn't. Should there be something else before storage?

A DiskInfo app gave me

SD Card
* SD card [mmcblk1p1]
System file [sdfat]
Access type [Read/Write]
Block size [128 kb]
Partition name [mmcblk1p1]
Partition nickname [SD card]
Major [179]
Minor [33]
Partition type [SD/MMC card]
Device [SD Card (mmcblk1)]
Device type [SD]
Used: 1.3 GB, Free: 117 GB, Total space: 119 GB

I don't really know what it all means so does anyone have any suggestions?
That is rather odd, however the mapping app should allow you to save things to the SD card without a full address. Again it is rather odd that it asks for that. The app itself should allow for choosing the card in its settings. What does the app actually say in the settings?
Feb 17, 2018
The mapping app is called Maverick and their instructions are:


Follow these steps if you want to use external SD card instead of internal for storing maps, waypoints, tracks and other data:
Go to /sdcard/maverick folder
Create folder redirect
For Maverick 2.4+:
Create empty file "to.full.path", for example "to.storage.extSdCard" to keep data in /storage/extSdCard.

Basically Maverick needs to know the name of the external SD card. It will look for the folder called redirect inside folder maverick (usually /sdcard/maverick, should already exists on the internal SD card)


If I create an empty file called "to.storage.3EB5-F063" in the redirect folder the settings in the app show

Use external SD card tick in box

If there is no file created the Use external SD card and tick box is greyed out.

I must assume I've entered the wrong path name as maps are still stored on the internal storage.

I've moved the app to external storage using Settings, Apps, Maverick, Storage, Change.
Now all the folders except the redirect one are on the SD card.
All Permissions are set allowing read / write to SD card.

Maps that moved over to the SD card cannot be seen by the app.
New folders are generated on the internal storage when maps are downloaded.

I've sent my query to the developers but as yet have had no reply.

It's really starting to bug me now !!
Thanks for taking the time to look
The problem may be the app being moved to the SD card itself. If an app is originally installed to the device and then moved to the card it can create issues. Have you tried uninstalling the app and downloading it directly to the card and installing it there, bypassing the phone. If it will let you do it that way, then this issue shouldn't come up. If not, then you may well have to leave the app on the phone for it to run correctly. At least until you hear back from the app's creators. It is quite unusual to have you need to make those changes. Unless, of course, the phone has been rooted, and then all bets are off.
Feb 17, 2018
Thanks for all your suggestions. I suspect it's a problem with the app as further searching on the internet has revealed more people with the same problem. The apps creators seem to ignore all correspondence so for now I'll just have to use the phone storage and hope the bug is fixed. Thanks again.
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