G633 Microphone Not Working (Device Could Not Be Migrated)


Oct 24, 2014
Hello everyone, i recently bought an used g633 but apparently im having some issues with drivers. I was using a g35 headset before, i had no problems whatsoever. So with the g633, sound is fine and everything seems okay, but microphone is not capturing any voice right now. Under capturing devices section, sound bars are not moving when i talk. I have tried;
-Disabling Headset - Reinstalling LGS - Insering Headset for Driver Re-installation
-Reinstalling Realtek HD Audio Drivers
-Updating my chipset and usb drivers
-Disabled "automatic microphone noise cancelling" in LGS

Problems i observed;
-In the Device Manager page im getting "device could not be migrated" error under audio inputs and outputs (G633 - Microphone)
-When i install most recent Realtek HD Audio Driver, after restarting my pc, there is no program called realtek hd audio driver and also i can't see the realtek icon on the bottom right corner, when i reinstall to an older version, it shows up.

Currently Using;
-Windows 10 - Up to date
-Motherboard : Asus Z97-ar (Using drivers from website, but they might be outdated, im not sure.)
-Realtek 6.01.7848
I believe rest is irrelevant.

I would love to hear opinions and possible solutions from you,
Thanks in advance..


Oct 24, 2014
Im kinda getting close to solution i believe, I just noticed when i try to repair my headset problems, it says that device is old and might not work with USB 3.0. When i try to repair it gives error that headset is not working correctly because it is connected to USB 3.0 socket although its connected to 2.0 socket. I think i have problems with my USB controller driver, not sure how i can solve it yet.
Im currently using Asus Z97-Ar motherboard, can't see any place that i can find a fresh USB 3.0 controller driver. I would be more than happy if i can get some help. I think my mobo uses USB 3.0 eXtensible host controller. Im not on my desktop, can't confirm yet.
Thanks in advance..
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