Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 XL: Which Camera Wins?

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Aug 16, 2018
I realize this is going to sound rude, but Adam really isn't qualified to be judging what technically consitutes a good image. He's giving his subjective opinion or preference, and that's totally fine, but as a photographer/cinematographer he draws on things that aren't really important in creating a compelling image. Photography, even in a ametuer sense, is much more than just documenting a moment in time. I find this review and so many like them very, very literal void of even basic photography principles. I don't own any of the phones featured in this review so I have no horse in this race, I'm just trying to warn consumers that this review is not conclusive nor definitive by any means.

Photography is more about storytelling, not "accurate" colors, unless skintones are distractingly off base, which for any of these phones is not the case. Most consumers are going to alter their snaps with aggressive filters anyway.

Also, just a small shift of light could alter results from the same scene and device, meaning exposure values and white balance.

I find these reviews to be highly annoying and slightly misleading. Instead, the consumer would be better served learning things like composition and leading line. When to use portrait, when to use landscape. Creating depth, texture. Proper lighting. All photographs benefit from these basic principles and lead to better photographs regardless of which camera is capturing it. They are not difficult to understand or use. Before you run out and buy the latest phone, instead buy a basic photography how to.


Jul 7, 2018
Good review. Consistent with every other like comparison I have seen. I do have a hard time seeing the blurry mess created by the Pixel 2XL in the ticket counter comparison. To me it looks about the same as the photo taken by the iPhone X.
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