Galaxy S7 stuck on safe mode with non functioning volume buttons

Jun 3, 2018
My Samsung Galaxy S7 recently suffered a little bit of water damage. Nothing major, just a bit of water that I dealt with. However, my volume buttons no longer function. I took apart my phone and made sure there was no water left whatsoever and reassembled it (yes I did it correctly, the assembly is not the issue). Even with soft resets, restarts, and one factory reset, the problem still persists. I even disconnected the volume controls from the motherboard and the problem still persisted. I cannot use the volume buttons to change the volume, which leads me to believe that they are broken. Any way I can get out of safe mode? I don't care for fixing the volume buttons but if that's the only way then I'm all for it. Thanks.

EDIT: I did also remove the physical volume buttons from the phone to see if that was an issue but to no success. The whole phone is dry and clear of water. The only remaining issues are that the touch keys are nonfunctional (which frankly I don't really care about due to the fact that there are apps that can replace them with slide controls on screen), the volume buttons (both + and -) not working, and being stuck in Safe Mode.

EDIT 2: My volume buttons will randomly change my volume now without pressing anything.
It sounds like that although you feel the phone is completely dry, something was damaged by the liquid or there is a little more in there. Without the volume button(s) fixed, there is no way to resolve the problem.