Question Galaxy Tab A charging

Jul 20, 2019
Hey guys

I have a few questions regarding charging. I live in Denmark and I have bought a tablet from the UK, which comes without a charger, so first question:

Do I need to aquire a UK charger? I believe the socket used in both Denmark and UK are 230v, and both being 50 hz, yet the plug type differs I believe. So do I need to buy a charger that is specific to UK type tablets? Or can I just use the one I have for my Galaxy S8 phone?

The tablet I have bought is the Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-P550 (the S-pen version)

Also, I was looking around a bit for a genuine Samsung charger, yet it seems hard to find one that states that it also works for the SM-P550 models. Does anyone know if any charger for a 10.1 Galaxy Tab A would fit, or do I require a special one for the SM-P550 model?

Thanks in advance :)
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