Games on HP OMEN slow down even when charging laptop


Dec 23, 2014
HP OMEN 17-w033dx
Windows 10

After playing a game for a while, the game drops in FPS or gets laggy, while plugged in and charging.

When I unplug the laptop, the game is laggy as well, but as soon as I replug the laptop back in, the game is smoother than ever.

Should I from now on, start my games unplugged, then plug the charger in?

It's almost some sort of recalibration the charging needs, and I realize most performance-hungry games can't run just on battery, but why do I need to unplug then replug my charger to make the game run smoothly again?

This happens on every game every few minutes or so for about 1-3 minutes.

I have already checked temps, and both the CPU and GPU are at about 70-85C when gaming.

I uninstalled my antivirus program preinstalled on the PC, and updated to the newest driver.


Sep 13, 2016

I just bought this exactly same model and have the same problem. Just unplug and replug and the game runs perfectly again (WoW Legion is the one I'm experiencing issues with). Did you get a solution for this?

Sometimes the game runs for more than an hour without the need of "refreshing" it. Sometimes just for a few minutes. I noticed that the fan stop being noisy too when the FPS drops happen.