Games suddenly run slow


Aug 12, 2016
So recently i bought an ASUS ROG , GL552-JX

Specs : CPU Intel i7 4790 HQ
GPU Nvidia Gforce GTX 950M
Windows 8.1

Everything went smoove , until 3 days ago , when a game suddenly dropped from 60 fps to 4-5 fps . So i restarted the laptop and tried a different game , after 10 minutes , the same thing happened , from 60 fps to 4-5 fps . While this happens the windows runs smoove and every other program is good , unless the game .

Something triggers my games to run slowly after some time , because even if i leave my laptop on stand by and after 10 minutes i start a game it will become laggy until i restart it

This applied for every game . Once it goes laggy it doesn't come back until i restart it.

The temperatures are optimal ( GPU 60 , CPU 80)

I really have no idea what to do

The laptop is 2 weeks old & everything was good until this point.
If the laptop is that new, I would really suggest contacting the manufacturer about the issue. You don't want to void the warranty by doing anything physical to it, and it should not be giving you such issues if it is brand new.