Gaming Convertible - Laptop/Tablet?


Nov 19, 2012
Hi, I've been doing a lot of reading and research but still cannot seem to find what I am looking for, so I thought I would ask here.

I am looking for a convertible tablet/laptop with a decent enough GPU for gaming, such as Skyrim.

I found this article which reviews 5 Ultrabook convertibles, but none really seem to have gaming in mind, most come with HD4000 graphics.

I am looking for something that has at least a 15.6" display, decent GPU capable of 35+ framerate in Skyrim and The Secret World at medium or better settings, and has a keyboard or screen the either detatches or flips or slides out of the way so it can be used as a tablet PC.

Anyone have any ideas? Or is the technology just not there yet?

You probably need to wait until some company releases such a product. For example, back in April / May I read an article which basically stated that the nVidia GTX 650m will be used in some Ultrabooks. Well, eventually it became true... sort of...

The GTX 650m did not make it into a thin laptop until just last month. I forget the brand and model # which is 5 - 6 months after the article. Note that I stated "thin laptop" because the "ultrabook" that has the GTX 650m is really not an ultrabook at all if you strictly follow the ultrabook specification guidelines. That laptop I am referring to uses a normal mobile Core i7 CPU rather than a low power ULV CPU.