gaming headphone and gaming mouse


Mar 14, 2014
need a gaming headphone and gaming mice for around $150. im going evga torq x10 and logitech g35 but i see corsair m65 razer naga 2014 are good mouse and corsair h1500 looks like awesome!


Nov 7, 2012
About the mouse:

I had a Razer Naga (not the 2014 version) and while was a good Mouse i ended switching it for a Logitech G600 that found fit better for me. Has a very good swiftness and movement, lightning is a plus and prefer to use the logitech software (because also have a logitech keyboard) for configuration/macros/profiles.

First thing you must ask yorself is if you need so many buttons on mouse or not, corsair m65 and Naga are for diferent kind of mouses for diferent uses and not really have a lot in common.

Also you use the fingertips to hold the mouse, the hand like a claw or the palm? (Naga is only usable for me in palm grip for example)

About the gaming headphones:

You must before answer some questions to be able to provide a good advice
- You have a dedicated soundcard or only the mainboard and what model you have
- Only for gamming or also for music and films?
- You need a mic?
- Stereo is enought (like strategy games) or play games with good positional sound (like fps)
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