Gaming Headset and Blue Yeti Question

Brandon Lawhorn

Feb 3, 2013
So, I am looking at purchasing a new gaming headset. I also am looking at buying the Blue Yeti. Pretty much my dilemma is, would the Blue yeti work with in game voice chat while gaming (for PC obviously). If not, what gaming headset would you all recommended. I was looking at the Astro A40 (2013) and the Sennheiser PC 363D. Let me know what your opinions are. I am looking for a headset with a great mic and amazing sound (only if Blue Yeti would be incompatible for PC gaming chat). I would like to spend no more than $250. Thanks!


Jan 17, 2013
it's not that it would be incompatible with pc gaming, it's just that you likely would not be able to tell the difference between that and an $8 zalman clipon - the reason being VoIP codecs.

in online gaming, bandwidth is always a constraint. and the compression codecs that vent, teamspeak, skype, etc. use all shave the bitrate down pretty damn low, so much so that it nullifies nearly any advantage you'd get using a better microphone.

the A40 is good - it's a shame they changed the model from the 2011 version, but the 2013 one is still solid, and the mixamp is good.

i havent tested that senn model but they generally make decent cans so I doubt you'd be disappointed with em. the 350s are really good i know

also the A50 is the big bro to the a40, and is really good for being a wireless model. the condenser mic is pretty clear. nice to see not all wireless headsets are junk. it's on sale every now and then but retail is a bit overpriced.

if your main exchanges will be online chat, you're just as good opting for a cheaper clip on mic like zalman zm1 ($8) and getting a really good pair of stereo headphones, such as the ATH-M50 or ATH-AD700. audio technica makes excellent midrange models with very precise, balanced soundstages. don't be fooled; a good stereo model will do you justice in gaming, even where positional audio is key.




happy listening :)