Gaming Keyboard Face-Off: Gaming K70 vs. Orion Spark vs. BlackWidow Chroma

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Dec 28, 2014
til I looked at the draft that said $9150 , I did not believe …that…my brothers friend really making mon­­­ey parttime from their laptop. . there aunt haz done this 4 only about 10 months and by now paid the morgage on their house and got themselves a Mazda MX-5 .check………….w­w­w.­J­o­b­s­-­S­i­t­e­s­­.c­o­m­


Apr 2, 2010
no usb2/3 ports to connect your wireless/wired gaming headsets, mouse, ZERO MACRO KEYS, poor/difficult software, and if there is no audio control buttons forget it.
********* HAS TO HAVE ALL OF THESE TO EVEN BE CONSIDERED GAMING FIRST AND FOREMOST " . " ************* if it ain't got all of this, it's iCr@pple
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