Gaming Laptop Concerns


Nov 12, 2013
So I bought this gaming laptop: newegg link, the GIGABYTE P25Wv2-SP2

It's my first gaming laptop and I'm not sure if its performing the way it is so I'm going to list what I think might be problems.

First theres a lot of gigabyte bloatware and I'm not sure what I can AND/OR should remove.

Second the WiFi it seems to be really slow (this might be an issue with my actual internet but I'm not sure) going to back to the bloatware there is a program installed called LAN OPTIMIZER, and I feel like it's affecting things because I need to play around with the priority settings to make things download a better speed ex: low priority -> high = 23kbs -> 700kbs. I don't know if i Need to remove it or not.

Third, the loading of everything; game loading screens, restarts, shutdown, boot-up, extracting files, installing; seems to be very slow. I'm aware its an HDD and not an SSD (not really sure the exact differences besides SSD being faster) but I feel it shouldnt be THIS slow, it takes quite a while to shut down like a good 90 seconds maybe and im comparing this to my shitty emachine desktop ive been using for liek the past 6 years and that boots up shuts down and restarts faster. I understand how fast an SSD is in comparison but at the same time i really feel that this computer shouldnt be loading these things so slow.

I'm pretty sure I can return it to newegg (I HOPE O_O) in case thats what you guys recommend, and maybe theirs a laptop I should get instead around the smae price point.

ALSO: If it really is supposed to be this slow with the HDD would just buying an SSD turn this laptop from a sleeping beast to an awakened beast xD?
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