Gaming laptop help


Jan 12, 2017
Hello everybody,

A friend of mine is looking to buy a razer laptop, but he doesn't know which one to choose between the blade and the blade pro.

He would bring this laptop at school, but has a big backpack. He likes to play games on the go with good graphics and framerates. Unluckily for his wallet, he is in love with the idea of 4k, and potentially hooking up a separate monitor.

I personally told him to get the blade pro, but I wanted to ask other people because it's always better to have more responses to something like this.

It's be great if you could tell me which one you would choose if you were in his situation and why.

Thanks and have a great day :)


Jul 26, 2016
The problem with laptops is that you can't really upgrade them. Sure, he could find a laptop capable of putting out 4k right now, but there aren't a lot that will put of 4k for games coming out a year from now.

That being said, if he's unshakable from laptops, have him look at the Sager NP9873. I'm pretty sure that might be the best laptop you can get for gaming at the moment. Check out the LTT video on it:


Jan 12, 2017

Thanks for your reply,
He already has desktop but he has to move for a year or two, so he'll need a new laptop that can do gaming, but can be brought to school without looking kind of ridiculous.
We looked at the Sager, and it looks a lot better than some other gaming laptop,but he says that it's "too gamer/aggressive looking"
His thought process for 4k gaming is "its better to spend 4000 $ and keep this for at least 4 years, instead of spending 2000$ and maybe spending again in 2-3 years when games will require a beefier gpu.
The only problem for him with the Blade Pro (apart for price) is that there are no skins available for it, and while it's less noticeable than other laptops, this design is orientated towards something for just gaming . This is why he was also considering the blade 14, as you can put a skin and cover the logo.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this, feel free to say whatever you want about it.

Thanks again!


May 26, 2017

do you know clevo p775dm3-g? it could have a desktop i7 and a mxm gtx1080
or do you know evoc 16l-g-1080/eurocom tornado f5? it could also have desktop cpu and a mxm gtx1080
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