Gaming Laptop Suggestions? and Lenovo Y50 Questions.


Mar 14, 2014
Long story short my laptop broke while on vacation (its pretty shitty, hp pavilion always had issues) anyways ill be going back to California Oct 8th and i want to order a new laptop (amazon) ASAP so its there when i arrive.

Im only 13, my old laptop wasn't great but still played games at 40-60 fps which was playable, i need something hopefully not over $1k unless its really worth it, even then probably not. Later on i can buy a better one but atm i just need something that can play minecraft (mainly, and other non-heavy games) at over 60 fps, i want to get around 120 though.

Has to be on amazon (prime) and i'd prefer if its "shipped & sold by amazon"

Under $1k

i5 is fine, dont think ill need a i7 really.

any gtx 800 series seem to be what i'd need.

15" is what im used to and would like to keep it that way :)

^ thats the best one i could find so far, only issue is that theres a LOT of talk about the screen, some saying its not too bad and others saying its absolutely trash... I don't want to buy something where i cant use it right away, i got a computer guy that can change out the screen probably (but that could be awhile) and i want to arrive and start using it right away, is it that bad?