Gaming on Plasma's


Jul 7, 2008
Ok, well my brother is aching for a new, bigger tv, preferably one we can play console/pc games as well as tv,movies, etc. basically a tv lol

So once upon a time, I heard plasma's are no good for gaming, and are thwarted by LCD counterparts.

58" Samsung ToC and its reallly cheap on newegg, compared to bestbuy/circuit city... does this specific model have a 120hz freq, and will gaming be good on it? I honeslty never played or watched tv on a plasma, but the ToC series is fairly new, i just want to know if i should expect problems while gaming/watching tv on a plasma?

and is the burn-in on plasmas still a problem? will it be one for this series?


*cough*cough*research*cough*hack*google*hack*cough*"Gaming on plasma"*cough*cough*manufacturer specs*ack*phfftt*

-Wolf needs a cough drop

In case the above doesn't make any sense, go to google and run a search against "Gaming On Plasma" and start reading. You'll find numerous web sites/review concerning your question. Keep reading until you have a fair grasp on other peoples views.

As far as your TV is concerned, you might want to look at the system specifications on the manufacturer's web site. Newegg even provides you with a link to the product page.


Sep 30, 2008
I'm a TV salesmen with Sears. And when it comes to gaming on plasmas i say yes and no. With the new TVs you will be fine playing games one them but that is if you stay with a Panasonic or a Samsung. The ToC of Samsungs new series of TVs and they have them is plasma and LCD. The Plasma has the 480hz. and the LCD has the 120hz. But when i say no really if its not a new model or is another lower end brand like Visio LG and so on. But i would say stick with an LCD when it comes to hardcore gaming. But over all Plasmas now are ok to play games on and a few other Plasmas that wont be bad to look at are
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