Gateway ML6721 CPU and memory upgrade.

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Jul 17, 2016
I have a Gateway ML6721 with an Intel Pentium dual-core T2310 (1.46 GHz) 1 GB Memory 160 GB HDD. The P/N on the ram slot is 31MA8MB0030, the imprinted P/N on the underside of the MB is DA0MA8MB6DO, and the rev number is PCB MA8 M/B(6L,257*215,REV: D).

My question is: can I put an Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 (1.83 GHz) in this machine without any issues? It fits the slot, the CPUs are the same size, same pin configuration and look identical. I know looks and pin configuration don't mean they are interchangeable, but I lack the technical knowledge to know if this swap will improve performance or create problems.

I also have two 2gb memory cards from another Gateway laptop that will fit this machine. The max supported memory is 2gb. Can I run the machine with just one of the 2gb memory cards or would I need to use both cards? I know the machine would only recognize 2gb if I use both cards but I'm not sure if I can just use one card without an issue.

I'm replacing a cracked motherboard and would like to install the upgrades when I put it together so any input would be appreciated.

Thank you!