Gateway NV Series

Ann Welsh

Oct 11, 2013
have a Gateway NV series laptop with Windows 7. The other day I went to wake it up by opening the lid and pushing the power button like I always do. I noticed that the power bottun was light up but there was no reply when I moved the mouse so I hit the power button and ever since then when I try to charge it the power light and two lights, one is the battery and the other looks like a lightbulb, have been flashing. I have shut the computer off and restarted it. I have also change the tip. Could I have messed something up when I logged into the laptop after I noticed the light for the power being on?


May 26, 2010
I have one ( NV 57H18u ), but have not had it in Sleep / Hibernate. Usually just stays in it's bag as I use the Desktop, unless I am away from home. Anyway, it may be fixable by doing a Repair, either from start up or from a Windows Installation disk.