Gateway stuck in boot at start-up


Aug 30, 2017
I let my brother use my Gateway NE56R41u laptop. He returned it in a week but did not tell me til a month later that his 9yo step daughter put it in a programmed boot through the settings. So when i turn it on it says Gateway then goes into this: NO BOOTABLE DEVICE,HIT ANY KEY.,when I hit enter it takes me to Boot Manager which shows: 1.NETWORK BOOT-IPV4: 20-89-84-70-D9-E8. 2.NETWORK BOOT-IPV6: 20-89-84-70-D9-E8. When I try either one it just repeats the same process. I've even tried the Alt (F8,F9,F10,F11,F12) thing and nothing works. Do I have to pay to have my laptop serviced or just buy another?