GeForce GT 650M *vs* Radeon HD 7670M


Apr 14, 2011


Jan 9, 2012
1. There isn't a huge difference, both are fairly new Gpu's and run about the same.
2. 3210M is alot newer than the 2450M.
3. I would get the GT 650M one. <3 Nvidia


Aug 24, 2012
The GeForce GT 650M and Radeon HD 7670M are both good Graphic Cards. There is not much of a difference but the Geforce is better but not by much(if your not going to be playing extensive video games). The price difference is little but i would go with the $700 laptop because $80 is $80 and the difference in performance like i said is little depending on what you are going to be doing(anything but video games). The Geforce GT 650m's core speed is 672 MHz and the AMD Radeon HD 7670M's core speed is 600 MHz, not a very big difference. That is what will really effect the clarity and performance, so both will be about the same. The big difference in these two graphic cards is the Shader Speed. There is a really big difference here and it can affect performance but i dont think this will matter if your not running really extensive games. The Radeon HD 7670m is at 600 MHz and the GeForce GT 650M is at 1344 MHz that is the big difference. If you are going to be running really extensive games i would get the Geforce GT 650m because the shader speed will greatly effect performance and clarity. Is it worth paying the $80 no not unless your running really extensive video games, even then i would have to say no because games that would require the power of the Geforce would most likely need a processor better then the i5 that comes with that laptop. If you are going to be playing really extensive video games and want good clarity and performance i would get a desktop the will last a lot longer and you will pay less . So overall i wouldn't get ether of those laptops i would get these laptop it is a good every day laptop with a little extra performance. If you do want to get a computer with good graphics so you can play video games i would get this computer . Good luck
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