'Generic' Laptops - what's your take?


Jul 25, 2012
Hi there,
I'm looking for opinions on these laptops I've found on Amazon, if you check out this link or search 'generic laptop' on amazon (UK) you will see what I mean. Does 'generic' in this case mean barebones or whitebook?

I can't find much info about the distributor (never a comforting sign) and their guy that answers customer questions doesn't provide much more insight. Despite the laptops being under at least a years warranty, them coming all the way from Hong Kong worries me, in case there did turn out to be a problem with it.

I have my eyes set on this model in particular, it has the kind of specs I am looking for and at a more affordable price than I've been able to find (perhaps I haven't looked well enough?)

So far, I have only seen two reviews on two separate laptops that are 'Generic', both give 5 stars, however they don't provide much more insight regarding the build quality, or whether driver updates can be easily obtained etc.

I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts on whether a purchase such as this is too risky or if there are any blatant details which should warn me against buying one of their laptops.

Many thanks for answers in advance!


Nov 17, 2013
They are super fake. One of them is pretty much a Samsung laptop (5/7 series, 2012) with a MacBook Pro keyboard. But the picutre looks Photoshopped. Another one of them looked like a 14 inch Lenovo G410 (2012). Yet another one simply looks like a hardware-wise beefed-up Toshiba laptop from 2013-2014 (AMD A8-4500M to a HM87 w/ GT750M?!).

I suppose they are simply Photoshop.


That listing has a question and answer but does not have details. I would not get those, they are likely used refurbished systems with the branding removed. I would not trust those to run any better than the generic latop batteries from China that only run correctly for a few weeks then drop in charge like a rock and fully die in under a year.


May 1, 2009
Well all laptops are manufactured in Taiwan or China by ODM's. Quanta is the largest manufacturer of laptops in the world with Compal next and Wistron 3rd.


So typically the barebones are unbranded machines made by the ODM's. Alot of your name brand laptop are designed by say Dell, lenovo or Apple and manufactured by one of the ODM's. Clevo an ODM deal more in the barebones business and small boutique venders around the world with Sager and Prostarr being a Clevo systems in the USA. Clevo makes the model and brands the models form Sager and the unbranded are sold to smaller computer stores. Xoticpc has barebones and Sager branded machines along with even Asus, MSI and Alienware. ASUS and MSI the last 5-10 years have moved from barebone system to their company branded machines.

As far as the post about batteries:
There are two basic types of notebook batteries: the brand-name batteries that the manufacturer sells and the aftermarket batteries that are available from third-party resellers -- often for a significantly lower price.

If you remember back when they had the problem with batteries were causing laptops to catch on fire. Those batteries were recalled and they went across brands (it wasn't one companies laptop or brand) because there are only a few companies that actually manufacture batteries just like there are only a few companies that make graphics cards.



Jul 25, 2012

Sounds similar to my previous Dell and Samsung laptops.
Thanks for the responses. I have a real problem looking for laptops and never feel as in touch with the market as I do with PCs. I also have an issue with branded computers in general as I usually never see a branded system being sold retail with the 'perfect' set of components for what I want. Which is why I prefer to build my own PCs.
I haven't really had time to do much research for laptops and I guess I am looking for the sort of specifications and price range that I posted originally.

@orlbuckeye - I found your comment interesting and it seems to correlate with my own expectations of the laptop market based on what little knowledge/experience I have had with it.
Do you (or anyone else reading) have any recommendations on a reliable source for unbranded custom laptops as I do believe that with my budget (max £500) I will get more bang for buck.

Cheers again for your comments.
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