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  1. M

    Where can I buy barebones laptop shells? Don't tell me that I can't build a laptop. I'm ready to solder. You will be dismis

    I am ready to solder and I know the socket types of laptops. I need a place to buy laptop shells. Do not tell me I can't build one because I'm ready to solder. Just because you can't solder doesn't mean you have to go on here and start going OH YOU CAN'T MAKE YOUR OWN LAPTOP. I want a...
  2. M

    I need to find a laptop shell!

    Where can I find barebones laptops?
  3. B

    New laptop build questions

    So I've recently decided to buy a new laptop and decided on a clevo P870DM-G from ava direct. I've never build a custom laptop and have had a lot of questions recently and Google isn't quite specific enough to help me out. Any tech-savvy people out there? Main questions are which SSD to load the...
  4. L

    Barebones Laptop: Where to buy

    I'm looking to buy a barebones laptop with a screen attached. I've seen people selling stuff like that on eBay but I don't know how trustworthy those are. I'm new at this sort of thing so I don't understand all the technical words. The reason I'm looking to buy this is because I want a fully...
  5. A

    GTX 10xx Laptop Connection and Barebones Laptop

    Two questions/Topics: The new GTX 10-series for laptops is the desktop versions shoved inside a laptop, so I was wondering if that meant all these laptops have pci x16 slots inside of them, as I heard they are not compatible with XMX (?) laptop graphic slots. If so, how large are these slots...
  6. C

    Barebone laptop worth it?

    Hello guys, I love laptops and building pc's etz. My old laptop with core 2 duo died 2 weeks ago and I really need another one for work/school. I am a gamer but I use my gaming pc for games. The only games i might play on a laptop are league of legends and cs go. So, to get back to the topic: I...
  7. S

    Looking for a barebones laptop that is actually barebones.

    Where can I buy a barebones laptop with no ram, cpu, gpu, or ssd? This( is the most barebones laptop I can find, but it still has a gpu.
  8. Odonix

    Cheap Barebone Laptop/Barebook?

    I was thinking of building a laptop. It can't be expensive either, but when I search for barebone laptops they are all $600+. All I need is a case/shell and motherboard. Does anybody know where I can get a cheap one? Something like this?:
  9. I

    Building a Laptop in 2016??

    Hi. I just made a gaming PC successfully and am quite proud. Nonetheless, I wanted to know if I can build a laptop for myself. I know all about it being impractical and a mere waste of money, but I still want to try. I wanted to know about some good websites that sell the parts like barebooks...
  10. V

    Suggestion required regarding building a custom gaming laptop

    So i just heard about a newly created company in India making custom laptop builds based on Clevo Barebones. The rig they suggested was - Clevo Barebone - P750DM Display - 15.6” IPS Full-HD 1920x1080 16:9 Matte (anti-glare) CPU - Intel Skylake Desktop Grade i5-6500 GPU - NVIDIA GTX 970M 6GB...
  11. I

    Any barebones laptops??

    Hi, I currently have 3 solid state drives and lots of memory from old laptops and am looking for laptops. I was wondering if anybody know sites or people who sell decent barebones laptops. Im looking mainly for intel, dual channel ddr3 ram, good battery life, light and portable, no need for...
  12. Z

    Xotic Barebones laptop suggestions?

    So I'm going to be in the market for a new laptop soon. I'm kinda torn on which one I should get. Here's what I've been looking at My first choice; Second choice...
  13. G

    Looking for a barebones laptop large screen

    My laptop recently went kaput, bad motherboard I think. So I'm looking to find a barebones laptop with a good enough processor for gaming(i5 or i7 preferably) with a screen that's about 16 or 17 inches. I want a windows 8 touch screen laptop but that seems to be out of the question since their...
  14. G

    Community opinions of bare-bone laptops? Example included.

    I have provided the link below. Can anyone enlighten me about bare-bone laptops? I know a fair bit about laptops in general but don't know about these types. This one seems to come with all the parts? Or am I misreading? Thanks.
  15. D

    Would this be a good barebones for a gaming laptop?

    Just a quick question- would this barebones be a good starting point for a laptop?
  16. D

    'Generic' Laptops - what's your take?

    Hi there, I'm looking for opinions on these laptops I've found on Amazon, if you check out this link or search 'generic laptop' on amazon (UK) you will see what I mean. Does 'generic' in this case mean barebones or whitebook? I can't find much info about the distributor (never a comforting...
  17. dovah-chan

    Thoughts on barebone books?

    I was just interested in purchasing a barebone system to play around with. I've been searching high and wide for MSI whitebooks but I can't find any that are sold directly to the end-user that aren't used on ebay. Anyone know any other sites or places where I can find some? I guess its sort of...
  18. Adam Schneider

    Places to buy Barebone Laptops

    I was wondering if you guys had some good places to buy barebones laptops. I want a wide range of prices from low end to high end. I already know of...
  19. J

    I came across this barebones laptop have some questions concerning it. So i came across this and I had some wild idea of trying to build a laptop with this. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this...
  20. S

    need help building my own laptop - DIY laptop

    So I've built a few desktops, but now I need something more portable. I've heard of people putting together barebones laptop systems and I'd like to build my own, in order to customize it my way. This seems like a much harder and more expensive task than building a desktop so I'd like some help...
  21. C

    Trying to find reasonable laptop barebones

    So my girlfriend desperately needs a new laptop and I offered to build her one because I just built my first PC and I thought this would be a fun new project, but my issue so far is finding a reasonable barebone! Considering she doesn't play games and just needs it for work I don't need anything...
  22. Oggie7797

    Need help building laptop.

    Let me begin by saying I mod and hack Android regularly but as far as computers....not so much. I have been looking around and I think what I want to do is build me a laptop from "barebones" so i can get more bang for my buck. I am looking into building a Dell Latitude D630 but I have never done...
  23. William_White

    Does anybody sell a cheap barebones laptop

    I have a few HDDs, several sticks of ram and a couple of wireless cards from previous laptops that got broken. I am looking to save some money and clear out my parts drawer, so I am wondering if anybody makes or sells laptops that are only a chassis and a cpu, for around 2-3 hundred dollars
  24. R

    What is needed for a MSI MS-16GD / 937-16GD46-006 barebones notebook

    I just purchased a MSI MS-16GD / 937-16GD46-006 barebones notebook. The specs are listed below; I just need to know else will need to be purchased to get this thing working? Overview: Powered by the latest 4th generation processor...
  25. G

    Want to buy a new laptop and swap in parts

    I bought an Acer Aspire 7750G a couple of years ago. Worst computer I have ever owned. Hard drive failed within 3 months, battery failed after a year, and the replacement lasted 8 months, screen failed, random motherboard issues, randomly had mounting points in the case break off. Random blue...
  26. Z

    Need Help Buying New Gaming Laptop.

    So, I am looking for a laptop over this weekend (old one broke down) and I think I have narrowed it down too two laptops. I am going to be using this in the classroom as well as in my dorm for gaming (BF4, COD:Ghosts, State of Decay, GTA 4/5, and Saints Row 4). The first is a Clevo p150sm...
  27. B

    New barebones build, black screen

    I have recently put together my first barebones laptop system. I used an MSI Whitebook, model MS-1763, with an i7 4800mq and 8 GB of RAM. I put it all together, and well, it won't start. The power light comes on, the fan spins up, and it just... sits there. It will stay on as long as it has...
  28. W

    Looking For Barebones Laptop/Barebook

    Hello there. First time post on this forum, but I've seen it pop up for all my computer questions. I'm starting College soon, Computer Programming, and I'm looking into the laptop I need for school. I built/build my own desktops, so I'm looking into doing it for my laptop too (AKA...
  29. B

    Is it worth building a barebones laptop or just buy a whole new one?

    I was thinking about buying a barebones laptop and then adding my own parts to it but I need it for mainly light gaming and also school work as well. What I was wondering is, would it be worth it to buy a barebones laptop and fill in the missing parts, or just buy a full brand new one ? And...
  30. seriousgamer

    Whate are barebone laptops?

    I am very confused. I saw an MSI GT70 for around $1499 and then on Xoticpc i saw this MS1762 (Force/MSI GT70 Barebones) it was called with the same specs as the GT 70 for like $1200 only! Do they both have the same EVERYTHING? like backlit keyboard, ram, gpu, cpu and all that stuff? what does...
  31. K

    Need Opinions On Custom Build

    Barebones kit: this is the barebones kit, add the $45 for wireless card = $924.00 SSD: this is the hard drive = $369.00 CPU:
  32. A

    Barebones notebook for I7-720QM CPU

    I am looking for a notebook to put a I7-720QM cpu into. I don't mind buying a used notebook with a low end processor that i can upgrade or a barebones kit. can anyone help me find the lowest cost notebook i can put this CPU into?
  33. boss_nate

    Barebones Laptop kit

    I need someone to help me with a barebones kit, I have looked and looked but I can't find any good ones, can somebody please help me? Please post links or models with brands!! Here are some questions I have answered, I basically want a good, reliable, upgrade able, and something that's not...
  34. G

    Looking for a Barebones notebook/whitebook

    Anyone know where to buy a white book? I don't like ordering from some vendors calming they sell barebones, but force you to pick parts that are overpriced and probably generic. Oh preferably 17 in or larger
  35. S

    Websites for Barebones notebooks.

    So now that TomsGuide recently completed its article on DIY notebooks, I've been wondering about it and instead of a new HP I'll give a DIY machine a whir myself. But alas, only has dual core processors available and two OCZ options for a barebones system. The lack of choice is :(...
  36. T

    Asus C90

    Hey just wondering whether you guys have heard of this laptop, its not out till summer 08 but im waiting to see what its like. Main things i like are the fact it can use desktop processors and can be bught as a barebones, meaning i can put the stuff in that i really want. Saying this im hoping...
  37. firestorm31

    barebones laptop vender query

    I know that MSI & Asus are barebones laptop vendors. are there other barebones laptop vendors, if so who are they? also, do any laptop vendors (not talking barebones on this one) take customer requests for models that is not in their product catalogs or do not carry? for example - vendor...
  38. S

    Any reviews of barebones laptops from Asus, MSI, etc?

    Having recently been through two laptop purchasing fiascos, I'm looking into building my own. Has THG reviewed the current barebones laptop offerings from Asus, Msi, VBI, and Compal (yes, Compal, not Compaq)? I'm looking at 8 barebones models and another Acer. I have them all spec'd the same...
  39. T

    Need Barebones RAID 1 for $1500

    Anyone know where I can get a cheap RAID 1 Notebook for about $1500 ? I'll even get one off eBay if someone can direct me to an older model # that can do RAID 1 Thanks