Where can I buy barebones laptop shells? Don't tell me that I can't build a laptop. I'm ready to solder. You will be dismis

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Aug 31, 2018
I am ready to solder and I know the socket types of laptops. I need a place to buy laptop shells. Do not tell me I can't build one because I'm ready to solder. Just because you can't solder doesn't mean you have to go on here and start going OH YOU CAN'T MAKE YOUR OWN LAPTOP. I want a genuine response on where to get laptop shells. If you don't have the response I'm looking for, please don't respond. Thank you.
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The fact you cannot find them, tells you pretty much all you need to know.

The "barebones" that do exist, support a limited set of hardware. Ie, add your own CPU (from a predefined list), RAM and storage. Very occassionally a GPU (again, with defined parameters).

The don't exist for a pretty simple reason:
By the time you account for all potential build variants, allow for adequate cooling of everything AND make it relatively affordable; what do you have?
a mITX case with a screen attached. Something nobody has asked for, is not portable & is unlikely to aesthetically pleasing.

Huge R&D and budgets go into designed systems that can be portable, thin and adequately (sometimes) cool specific components.
Even if it *could* be done, who's investing the R&D money? Given the demand for such a product is so niche, the end result will never be "cheap".
I don't see anywhere close to the required amount of demand for it to even come close to breaking even - and that's assuming that each unit would be a pretty expensive purchase!

:lol: And just because you can (or are ready to) solder doesn't miraculously make it possible

Research, develop, test. Buy a ridiculously expensive 3D printer to test theories. Work as a one-man show. Spend 5years developing & testing. Then realize that the requirements have changes (5 years of developments in tech afterall) and start over.... probably on a never-ending cycle. Eventually you'll have a somewhat viable laptop shell. It'll be for older tech at that point but hey, it's a laptop shell?

Probably not the most cost effective thing in the world though......




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