Good PC Headset (with mic) that lets my ears breath (hopefully less than $150)

James Mason

Jan 2, 2014
Looking for some recommendations for a headset that lets my ears breath while wearing them , either from having holes/separated padding that lets air reach my ears, or ones that sit on the ear but not to tightly. I wear glasses even though they are flat, my ears get painful when they get constantly pressed against them.

I'm not an audiophile, but i can tell when something sounds like <edited>, and i'd like to not spend more than $150 on a headset, but i'd also rather not spend that much just because I can. Like there better be a <edited> good reason to spend that much.

I need it to have a mic that doesn't make me sound like i'm trying to jam the whole thing down my throat as well, and if it had some kind of background noise cancelling that'd be great to because I like to have my air conditioner on cause my apartment gets pretty hot sometimes. (and not being able to cool off your head because your ears are encased doesn't help either)

if you could stretch the budget a bit you could go with a pair of hd558 headphones ($120) and a modmic boom-mic ($50). that will give you good stereo sound as well as a good microphone. its an open style so it will breath a bit. if you wanted virtual surround its capable if you have a soundcard which supports it (such as dolby-headphone, cmss-3d, etc). connections would be 2x 3.5mm (one mic one headphone)

closed on ear headphones would be a bit cooler than closed over-ear and something like the vmoda m-80 would work (can be had for $140) paired up with either the boom mic they sell ($30) or another mic.

another thing to consider would be perhaps using some IEMS (in ear monitors.....aka canal heapdhones) and pairing them off with a clip on microphone of some sort. that would provide the most air for your ears to not sweat and the most comfort with glasses.

sorry, cant really give you any specific recommendations for "headsets" as i dont use them. however, i can say that what you are looking for is likely an "open" design if over-the-ear or and on-ear design.

as for your issue with microphones... if you used a cardioid pickup pattern mic it might cut down on the noise . either that or adjusting the mic levels.
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