Good PC Speakers?


Oct 10, 2009
Hi Guys,

My old creative 2.1 speaker set is looking a bit long in the tooth now, so I was looking to upgrade to something good in a 2.1 variety. My past experience was going to lead me to whatever the gigaworks 2.1 speakers were, but it seems they are just 2.0 now?

I was wondering, as it seems recommendations seem to vary so much site to site, what systems people could recommend? I don't really want to go over £100 unless its really worthwhile. I mainly use the speakers for gaming and some videos etc. 2.1 has been pretty good for me in the past but if there were some 2.0s which are just better thats fine too. Not really too interested in 5.1 as I never set up more than 2.1 due to space.

Thanks for your help guys!
soundsticks III, creature III, logitech z523, t40 (though no subwoofer so no bass) are all decent pc speakers.

however, if you're willing to go 100gbp or over it may be worthwhile looking at getting some hifi/theater speakers and an amplifier instead. HUGE jump in quality over pc speakers.

for 69gbp you can get a pair of diamond 9.0's or for 89gbp a pair of diamond 10.0's which are newer and better. then you'd need an amplifier. while getting a good quality amplifier is suggested you could certainly use something not quite as powerful. i'd say you can get something to power them for about 30-70gbp. the wharfdales are pretty sensitive so are not hard to power.


Nov 28, 2011
I agree on the HiFi system. Regardless of choice I tend to skip over 2.1 systems in favor of 2.0 for a better music experience. FWIW I still use an old Bose 2.0 pair of computer speakers I bought in 2002. But my TV is Boston Acoustics A25 2.0 speakers with a Sony Amp.

When it comes to amplifiers I would just get a stereo amp to get decent quality for less money, you won't have a woofer channel, but decent speakers like Diamonds or A25s can deliver bass down to 55Hz easily.
^ since most woofers are self powered anyways you really do not need a seperate woofer channel. to add a powered subwoofer all you'd need is a splitter in the line from your source (and possibly some lowpass filters)
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