Google Chrome Unusable For Me! Freezing and Errors Everywhere! HELP!

Shark Dentist

Jul 2, 2014
For the past few days Google Chrome has been absolutely unusable! Whenever I click something the whole page freezes! Every single time! I can't open a new tab or anything without freezing! It will also stop responding etc..

I tried Internet explorer and although I'm not getting a lot of freezing,it keeps crashing! I get about 4 crash notices at once! Even right now I'm scared sh*tless that this page will crash!

Strange thing is... everything was fine a few days ago! I was browsing the internet, everything running smoothly.. I went to bed, woke up the next day and it was unusable!

Somebody suggested that it might be a virus but I'm extremely careful on the internet and I've done a full system scan with Malwarebytes and nothing alarming showed up! + I cleaned PC and registry with Ccleaner!

If anyone could fix this problem I'd be very grateful!
Thanks in advance! :)