google chrome voice search worked only once since I had it. Says No internet connection now

Ronald Barnhart

Oct 14, 2013
Chrome voice search worked only once in three years. Says no internet connection now everytime i click on mic button. Running version 58 64 bit of chrome. Windows 7 64 bit and 64 bit computer. I am disabled from typing as my wife is typing this and this will be the only way i will be able to search web sites

Please help, the google chrome help forum had no answers.

[don't post your email address on any forum]


Nov 16, 2017
Hi Ronald, and the many others with this problem, myself included.After checking the mic and all relevant settings .After disabling all of my extensions. After resetting and reinstalling Chrome.After adjusting Google flags, checking Adobe and Flash.After finding one definition of insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" Well I was almost there.
I was using Bitdefender 2018 internet security, your AV may be different but I suspect the majority do similar things most of the time.After adding exceptions to BD rules and disabling it completely I was still getting the same result.I eventually uninstalled it using the Bitdefender uninstall tool, restarted and activated Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials [Windows 7].PRESTO ... instant cure. Reactivated all my extensions, all working perfectly.
Yes, I can hear you thinking "But I won't be protected well enough" Please check out this forum.
The Microsoft security doesn't seem to interfere with the APIs as other AVs do.
Also try using the Google " Web speech API demo" if this doesn't work your Mic won't work well in Chrome, if at all.Problem sorted after uninstallation for me.
Use a good Adblocker, Run Malwarebytes now and then, Last Pass is great for Password security. Voice in voice typing extension is excellent for voice typing in most fields including Gmail.
Don't be conned by the bloatware that AVs deliver.We don't need tons of extra useless features.They compromise the performance and most cause program problems at some point.
Hope this helps some folks and I'm sure it will, If not carry on working towards insanity.